Our Personal 3D2N Off-The-Beaten-Track HongKong Itinerary !!!

It all started with a facebook contest organized by Jetstar Asia in conjunction with Hongkong Tourism Board which required participants to come up with a 3D2N Off-The-Beaten-Track kind of itinerary (based on Jetstar flight timings).

The reward : A 3 days 2 nights trip to Hongkong, inclusive of flight and accommodation. 

With such an attractive offer, Mr OOPS and I decided to crack our brains hard on what we want to do differently from our previous Hongkong trip. The results were astounding, which surprised even ourselves.

Here's our entry !

We will be exploring the public housing estates of Hong Kong for more insights of the lives of the locals and explore new areas which are not commonly heard of. We are looking at a Friday to Sunday trip! 
Departure flight: JETSTAR 3K697 to Hong Kong 
10.10am to 14.10pm 

DAY 1:

1430-1600: Board Airport Express to your hotel location via the free shuttle bus service. Check in to hotel!

1600-1800: Head to Quarry Bay MTR station. Explore the district of Quarry Bay, walking towards the direction of Quarry Bay Promenade. That would be the best spot for us to fly our drone to capture the aerial view of Taikoo and Kowloon Bay.

1800-1900: A short cab ride can bring us to Quarry Bay Market and Cooked Food Centre for dinner. It shouts local and definitely the kind of dining experience which we can never experience elsewhere. I will want a Hongkong style Zhi Char dinner.

1900-late: After dinner we will walk to Montane Mansion, an instagram-worthy public housing estate in Quarry Bay. I will also want to capture some night shots from a #lookup angle using my fish eye lens. That will end our day 1!

DAY 2:

0800-0900: We will start the morning early by travelling to Tseung Kwan O MTR station. 

0900-1200: Our first stop in this part of Hongkong is to visit the Hongkong Velodrome! This is one of the places we want to visit because we want to capture this unique architecture and see how a velodrome actually looks like. From Tsueng Kwan O MTR, take Exit A and walk to the spot! We will spend the morning here with a short breakfast picnic at the lawn area before exploring the other facilities at the Velodrome. 

1200-1600: When the afternoon sun is out, we will walk to East Point City, a mega shopping mall which we can settle lunch and do some shopping. A short glance at the shops in the mall tells me this is a good place for my wife and myself. While she indulge herself in fashion shopping, I can do my own shopping for photography and audio visual products

1600-2000: From Hau Tak Shopping Centre, take the minibus 16 and alight at the last stop to reach Po Toi O fishing village. This will be another good spot for us to fly our drone and capture some sunset moments of Clearwater Bay. End the night at the fishing village with a seafood feast at Fat Kee Seafood restaurant.

2000 - late: Heading back to Hang Hau MTR station via minibus 16, we may have a short stopover at Popcorn Mall at Tseung Kwan O station if we still have the energy or head back to our hotel.

DAY 3:

0800-1100: On our final day, we will set off to the next Instagram worthy public housing estate in Hongkong, Choi Hung Estate (Rainbow estate). Travel to Choi Hung station via the green line. I had been to this station a few times when I am changing a minibus to Saikung town. But this time round, i will want to spend time to capture some beautiful shots of these rainbow coloured buildings at Choi Hung estate.

1100-1400: From Choi Hung station, travel down to Shek Kip Mei station and walk over to Nam Shan estate. I had seen photos of this estate online but had never been there. So this would be a great time to visit! We can have lunch at Nam Shan Estate Market. I'm sure we can find more interesting local delights there.

1400-1600: Head back to the hotel to collect our baggage from the hotel before proceeding to Kowloon station (Airport express) via the free shuttle bus service. Deposit our baggage at the free in town check in service.

1600-1830: Since we have time, we can do some last minute shopping and an early dinner at Elements, the mall located just above the Airport Express Kowloon station. 

1830-late: Head to Hongkong International Airport to catch our return flight back to Singapore.

Return flight: JETSTAR 3K696 to Singapore
2025pm to 00.15(+1) am

Photo from Jetstar Asia Facebook

Before we end off, we also want to leave a note to our readers. 
But nonetheless, we enjoyed the planning of this itinerary and definitely seeing ourselves venturing out to explore these hidden sights of Hongkong if we travel there.

For those of you who are considering a different kind of Hongkong getaway, do consider this itinerary too and let us know how it works! Or check out our previous post on Our Personal Itinerary For Free And Easy In Hongkong! for an itinerary that covers most of the hot spots in Hongkong!

To grab cheap tickets to Hongkong, keep a look out for flash deals on Jetstar's Friday Fare Frenzy, Tigerair's Tiger Flash Thursdays and Scoot's Take Off Tuesday Promo. Good luck!

Missing my dim sum,

Note: Information are accurate as of 2017 and may be subjected to changes within the country. All photos are credited to Mr and Mrs OOPS unless otherwise stated. Follow @mrandmrsoops and @djoops on Instagram for more instant updates. Not sponsored or affiliated.


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