LINE Friends Store & Cafe @ Garosugil, Sinsa Station

If you are heading to Seoul, here's one place you must stop to have a look at if you are a fan of LINE Friends!


What is LINE?

LINE used to be just a mobile messenger app which we use to communicate, They have their own set of emoticons featuring characters such as Brown, Cony, James and Moon etc. They are just SO CUTE and full of exaggerated expressions. It has since evolved into a brand of its own.

What's in the store?

Being inside LINE store is almost like visiting Disneyland. The first joy comes from seeing a giant sized Brown right at the door step. You will jump into the queue immediately to wait for that photo opportunity. I feel like a small kid once again. *can't hide that smile of mine*

 If you're thinking the 3 storey store is just filled with just plushies, accessories or toys for kids, think again. It is obvious that their target group is working adults, primarily females with good spending power!

They did lots of collaborations with several major brands such as Lamy pen, Helinox, Vans, Swarovski etc. I like that idea because I'm assured that my purchases are quality products from these reputable brands.

You will be tempted to purchase almost every single item. If not, at least take photos of them!

To satisfy the excitement of their fans, the LINE store also has a LINE Cafe at the basement level. This is the place to get all your "Instagram worthy" LINE macarons or sweet desserts. When I meant "Instagram worthy", it basically just looks good. Don't expect delicious ice cream, cakes or cookies. The cookies are extremely hard to my liking, soft serve tasted normal and the marcarons failed terribly as marcarons. For the pricing they are charging for their sweets, I would rather spend the money at a boutique cafe along Garosugil.

My 3800 won purchase.

Then again, if you are a die-hard fan of LINE and fancy having tea time with a life-sized Brown bear plushie who sits at the cafe all day long, you will probably enjoy your day here. Lol..

Our Giveaway!

Since we were just in time for the LINE Burger Chips series, we decided to bring back something from the LINE store from Seoul for our readers...

*Drums rolls* BROWN CHIPS... LOL!

We found these chips really unique and interesting and we want to give it to 2 of our readers residing in Singapore! Hop on over to our Instagram (@mrandmrsoops) / Facebook Fan Page for more information on how you can get one pack of these chips! Giveaway starts from 15/10/16 and ends on 23/10/16!

Update on 24/10/16: Congratulations to Chun Rui (@chunrui90) and Jiying Chung (@jiyingchung) on becoming the winners of our second giveaway from Korea!!! We can't wait to see their happy *brown* faces when they receive the chips! 

Address of LINE Friends Store & Cafe:
535-15 Sinsa-Dong, Garosu-gil Street
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Opening hours: 12pm-9pm daily

How to get there:
Alight at Sinsa station, Exit Number 8
You will spot the store while walking along Garosu-gil street.

Note: Information are accurate as of 2016 and may be subjected to changes within the country. All photos are credited to Mr and Mrs OOPS. Follow @mrandmrsoops and @djoops on Instagram for more instant updates. Not sponsored or affiliated.

Mr and Mrs OOPS


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