2D1N : Conquer Mount Datuk and Malacca, Malaysia!!

We took a pretty long break but we are back! 

Today, I'm going to share a budget-friendly and comfortable 2D1N adventure of a lifetime itinerary in our lovely neighbouring country, Malaysia!! Malaysia Boleh! 


Why Mount Datuk (aka Gunung Datuk) and Malacca ?

-Mount Datuk is a 885m tall mountain. The hike for this mountain is said to be the training route for hiking Mount Kinabalu. It is relatively easy as it could be completed in 4 - 6 hours for non hikers and 2 hours for professional hikers.
-The mountain is located at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. It is one hours drive away from Malacca city. Stopover at Malacca for some yummy Peranakan cuisine and go back to kampung times at Jonker Street.

Entrance of the hike

Who is suitable for this hike?

- Beginner hikers with a reasonable level of fitness, no knee issues and hiking shoes. Some brought along hiking sticks but I think it's not really necessary for this hike.

Do you need a guide?

- If you are doing the late morning hike, just like us, no need. Because it's one route up and same route down.
-If you are aiming to reach the summit before sunrise, either you get good torches or get a guide as the terrains can be dangerous.

What to bring along?

-Lots of water, at least 1.5 litre per pax (super important)
-Mosquito repellant or lemongrass oil
-Hand towels
-Some food to replenish your energy at the summit - Bread, biscuits or ... nasi lemak? LOL!

Peek of our hike:

In general, the hike up is almost equivalent to doing a vertical challenge for 2 straight hours. The hike down is easier for the first 2/3 journey. But for the last 1/3, the route is very steep and at some points of the climb, you may need to get down on your hands and feet and get really dirty. Roads can be slippery and 

Hanging out at the one and only stopover in the entire route!

There's only one direction to follow and that's the red arrows marked on the rocks and trees along the way. When you start to see the sky, see huge chunky rocks and metal stairs, you are very near the summit! Do note that there are no safety ropes when climbing the stairs.. so just hold on tight!


Splendid view from the top! We were really lucky to have the whole summit to ourselves. We had a mini passing drizzle while we are at the top but the sun came back soon after!

Very thankful to have this wonderful group of hiking mates (most of us with zero experience) to complete this journey together. In fact, we agree that the only reason we could all reach the top and descend safely is because we don't want to lose out or throw face. #egoissues, LOL! 

So, if you are keen, here's our itinerary for you to follow!

Our Itinerary:

Day 1:
5.30am: Enter Malaysia from Admiralty MRT
7am: Breakfast
11am: Started the climb at Mount Datuk
1.15pm: Reached Datuk's summit
6pm: End of climb
7pm: Reach Malacca and check in to Hattan hotel
8pm: Dinner at Fei Li (Restoran Lee 肥李海鲜酒家)
10pm: Free and easy along Jonker street 

Day 2:
930am: Hotel breakfast
11am: Free and easy along Jonker street
1.15pm: Check out Hattan hotel
130pm: Peranakan lunch at Nonya Suan
3pm: Have a cup of coconut shake at Klebang Coconut Shake
4pm: Head back to Singapore
8pm: Reach Singapore

Our transportation arrangements:

We got a private transport based on friend's recommendations. We love the driver because:
-No tourist traps or stopovers at tourist shops
-Reasonable pricing
-Comfortable mini bus
-Friendly driver
-Can cater to 2 pick up and drop off points in Singapore
-Everything is in accordance to our timeline

If you are in for some mini weekend adventure out of Singapore that is friendly to your pockets, why not consider this? =)

Soar some new peaks,
Mr and Mrs OOPS


  1. Hi, do you have the recommendations for the private bus?

    1. The driver whom we contacted is from a Malaysia based transport company whose owner name is called Mr Lim. His contact number is +60177800771. You can contact him via Whatsapp. I can't remember the name of his company off hand. Will update once I can dig out the namecard he gave us. LOL.

  2. Hi! Do you know what is the Malaysia based transport company Mr Lim is under?◡̈

    1. Hi, I found his name card! it is NS travel. The website is www.nstravelgo.com and the email contact is enquiries@nstravelgo.com

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hello! I would like to ask how can I get permit for the hike? We will be coming from Singapore and estimated time of our arrival there will be 5am as we want to be in the summit to see the sunrise.

  4. Hello! Great post and pictures. The NS travel email doesn't work now!

    I also wrote a post on Gunung Datuk as of 2018, the ladders have improved quite a bit. You can check it out here: http://www.yonderingsoles.com/2018/08/03/gunung-datuk/


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