Yoga In The Gardens 2016 at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore!

It has been a life changing experience ever since I started picking up yoga classes from my private instructor, Jo! Yoga made me feel physically stronger and emotionally calm. There have been many moments whereby I exclaimed in joy whenever I succeed in clearing yet another milestone. I have to say, that feeling is just EXUBERATING!

Back to the topic, Jo recommended us this free yoga event called "Yoga In The Gardens 2016" organized by TrueYoga and Gardens By The Bay. It's such a beautiful spot for this event !

A session of gentle flow yoga was done together at the Supertree Grove at 7.30am. I wasn't sure how the event turn out will be until I was there. In fact I was skeptical about the turn out since it's such an early event at marina bay area . In the end, I'm mind blown. Apparently there were a total of 1200 participants!

The joy about yoga is that we can all practice it, people of all ages and sizes. The only limitation we face is our mind.

During Yoga, it is important to ensure our postures are done properly so we avoid straining or hurting our body. That is also the reason why proper coaching is important to ensure we are doing every step right!

Look at those  well toned muscles!!!

It is also important not to over-exert ourselves during the stretching and pulling. Afterall, it's really "one step at a time".

I've never been to TrueYoga for any classes but the instructor who guided us through was very encouraging. She gave us clear steps on the different poses and also offered variations accustomed to our learning abilities.

Let the sun shine and vitamin D come to you!

It was a really happy Sunday morning working out at the Gardens with the girls. I have to thank TrueYoga and Gardens by the Bay for organizing this amazing event on Mother's Day.

My yoga mates and instructor!

With that I end off with what I hear from Jo at the end of every lesson,
Let's put our hands to heart centre, and give thanks and gratitude for today.

Note: All photos are credited to Mr OOPS. Follow @mrandmrsoops and @djoops on Instagram for more photo works. Not sponsored or affiliated.



  1. I've been doing yoga for years but rarely venture outside. I have to say that I love the idea of practicing communally and the gardens here look incredible with everyone joining in together. I think I'll see if there are any groups near me that might be interested in taking our practice outside!


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