Korean Short to Shorter Hair Makeover at THE COMB!

Just recently, I had an opportunity to try out hair services at The COMB hair salon. I was new to this hair salon and there is a range of mixed online reviews. But I decided to go for it anyway! -Never-try-never-know-

When we go to a hair salon, what do we look out for to be a returning customer?

For me, its AmbienceQuality of service received, Accessibility and Price.  I will be analyzing The Comb in these 4 aspects and conclude if it is worth another visit.

The overall of the salon

  • Ambience
A clean sleek look with warm gentle lighting! You could also see the huge range of hair products available for sale at one glance. The only area which needed more effort in decorating was the area to wash our hair. The floor was quite wet and there wasn't much effort to buff it up (as compared to the exterior).

  • Quality of Service Received
  •  Most of the hair stylists present on the day of my visit were Koreans. My allocated senior hair stylist was Ryan Jin. When I went to the salon, I had a grown out asymmetrical bob with bright coloured gold hair. My hair was really dry and my growing black hair formed 2 distinct colours. 

    My request: 
    • To cut to a full Bob
    • To darken my hair so it could be more healthy looking
    • No bleaching! 

    My original hair.

    Ryan was very friendly, cheery and honest. Although he was not very good with English, he did a good job in explaining what is most suitable for me. I liked how he was honest about his opinion and not just following what I wanted. 

    After the discussion and tough decision making on which colour, we concluded on giving my hair an Ash colour together with a Bob cut

    The dyeing and washing process was smooth. I had a good head massage during the hair wash. The dye which was used hadno strong smell, even after the colour was washed off. Usually at other salons, I would be given an option to take up hair treatment after colouring, but not at this salon.

    Moving on to my haircut, I'm always apprehensive when it comes to getting my hair cut from short to shorter. When we have long hair and we get a bad cut, we can always tie it up or cut again. But for short hair, it is a make it or break it. But I decided to trust Ryan with this task!

    Snip snip.

    After the cut, my hair felt lighter and volumized even without any styling. Ryan then used the curler to enhance the hair shape and buffed it up with some wax and essence. 

    I had to say this: I'm very pleased with the new hair colour and the cut!
    With this new hair colour, I look younger and my hair does not look as dry. The shorter cut also make me look fresher. Now let me do some camwhoring!

    Passport photo worthy?

    • Accessibility
    Situated just 5 minutes walk away from Telok Ayer MRT, this salon is convenient for anyone and everyone, especially people working at CBD area.

    • Price
    You can check out the price list at THE COMB website. They are not the cheapest ones around but definitely worthy of the price. But for now, they are having 50% promotions for digital perm/volume rebonding.


    I always wanted to go for a haircut by a Korean hair stylist. But whenever I'm in Korea, I just don't have the time to do so. I'm glad to have that opportunity right in Singapore and the final results were lovely. The entire hair session took me about 1.5 hours. 

    Remember to call for an appointment! It would be good to fix an appointment during weekday early afternoon (about 12pm to 1pm) because we realized the salon gets crowded after 2pm. Our guess is these customers came after taking half day leave. Having less crowd means more attention from the hair stylist! Haha! =D

    If I were to rate the service out of 5 stars, I will probably give this salon 4 stars. That remaining one star will go to the other staff who seems pretty stern and unfriendly during my visit and the lack of a treatment after dye. There had been mixed reviews with regards to their perm and rebonding services. As I have not done any of those, I can't comment about it. I have to say they did a good job for my dye and cut.

    Before I end off, let's take one last look at the Before and After of my hair! ( I love doing this for all my hair cuts!)

    Once again, thank you The COMB for letting me leave the salon feeling happy, pretty and satisfied! And for me, YES, it's worth another return!

    The Comb Hair Studio

    Address: 12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252
    Nearest MRT Station:
    Telok Ayer
    Contact Number: +65 6428 3138
    Website: http://thecomb.com.sg

    Note: All photos are credited to Mr OOPS. Follow @mrandmrsoops and @djoops on Instagram for more photo works.

    Mrs OOPS


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