SGD$220! That's Our Total Spending For Our Tiffany & Peach Travel Themed Wedding Decorations!

Everyone wants their wedding to be the most unique and beautiful one. It's the same for Mr and Mrs OOPS. We went around getting quotations for wedding decorations from various vendors and we realised the dream decorations we want is going to cost us at least a few hundred dollars. That excludes the additional costs incurred to get a decent candy/dessert bar for the wedding reception. Therefore, we decided on this mega budget DIY project which involved help from my lovely wedding jie meis and my dad!

P.S. This post is going to be mega helpful for all brides, especially those who are also having their wedding at Intercontinental Singapore. 

I will first share photos of our wedding reception and solemnization set up.

1) A candy bar, specially for early birds who may want something sweet before the banquet starts.

2) Travel theme solemnization set up with a Mr and Mrs bunting, paper aeroplanes and paper flower balls.

3) Photobooth backdrop set up using the hotel's natural setting. We have a personalised Mr and Mrs OOPS bunting! =D

4) The staircase whereby me and my father will be walking down from. 

5) Cocktail reception tables are decorated with mini postcards, petals and pens etc.

6) Wedding Reception Table - decorated with similar decor. We also have a prominent sign indicating "Bride" and "Groom" respectively.

7) Guestbook area with a mini exhibition of our tiffany themed printed photos.

8) An area to showcase all our photo albums

Now I will go through step by step on how we did the above with our little budget of SGD$220.

First, appoint your most arty farty bridesmaid/friend to be the overall decor in-charge.

  • This would mean that during preparation and on the day itself, she will make the final call on how the set up will be like.
  • This must also be the person whom you can trust whole heartedly.

Second, do your own site recce and take photos!

  • We did a site recce around the hotel venue and took snapshots of the wedding venue when it's at it's raw state.
  • Discuss with your overall-in-charge on some possible ideas which you have in mind and the specific areas that would require touching up.
Proposed area for Guestbook

Proposed area for photobooth backdrop

Solemnization area.

Proposed area for Candy Bar Reception

Long corridor along Intercontinental Singapore's reception, possible blind spots
for photobook and guestbook

Proposed area for Candy Bar or Guestbook

Thirdly, Shopping time!

  • For my first round of shopping, I did my purchases from Taobao and brought them in using 65daigou!

18 paper flower balls for SGD$8

6 x 1m long champagne and peach ribbons for SGD$2.20

2 x 40cm and 5 x 30cm Peach coloured scallop fans for SGD$18

4 x 36 Mini Postcards and 10 x Markers for SGD$12.50

27cm x 17cm x 11cm basket luggage for SGD$11.80

22 packets of tiffany blue and white fake rose petals for $13.70
(100 pieces per packet)

30cm x 40cm x 19cm Woven Picnic Basket for SGD$13.30
Photo from taobao seller, but it looks exactly like this

  • Total shipping costs of the above items: SGD$21 (Shipping costs does not include the 30cm x 40cm x 19cm woven picnic basket as we brought it back to Singapore by hand).
  • I highly recommend 65daigou Ship-For-Me services if you are thinking of making purchases from multiple Taobao merchants. They help to consolidate the purchases in one big bag and ship them over to Singapore according to their actual/volumetric weight. Prices are pretty reasonable and most importantly, EFFICIENT! I usually get my purchases in Singapore within 7-9 days from the day I secured my deal in China.
  • I always opt to collect my parcels at one of their FREE neighbourhood pick up points because it's just walking distance from my house.

  • A snapshot of one of my purchases, labelled with my daigou ID.
    One of my multiple Taobao purchases from 65daigou
    All consolidated in one big bag

    • Another round of shopping which was done in Singapore:

    SKP Mini Brown Paper Bags for about SGD $3
    Cadbury Favourites and random sweets for SGD$65
    Baby's Breath flowers for about SGD$30

    10x recycled glass bottles for FREE

    Leftover construction paper from my house for FREE
    Leftover white sewing thread for FREE

    10 x A3 size poster prints for SGD$17 
    (Thanks to a groupon deal by Photobook Singapore!)

    Some examples of our printables: 
    Instagram hashtag sign from Pretty Little Palace Blog
    Download from:
    Candy Bar printable from
    Download from:

    Handwritten Tags by Yi En

    Therefore, our total costs comes up to: $8 + $2.20 + $18 + $12.50 + $11.80 + $13.70 + 13.30 + $21 + $3 + $65 +$30 + S17 = SGD$215.50

    Fourth, have a draft drawing so your wedding helpers know what is the design you have in mind!

    • These drafts are done up by my very talented decor overall in charge, Yi En!!!! 

    • Getting all the items ready and packed with clear labels on the bags

    Last, have a team of wonderful helpers that arrives early to help you get all the decoration done, without having to worry at all!

    Some photos of the setting up:
    My creative decor co-ordinator rolled up the leftover construction paper into cones and stuffed them with the leftover rose petals so that guests could hold the cone while throwing! 

    Here are some photos that highlight the wonderful outcome done up and how it beautifies our wedding venue!
    With the photobooth backdrop!

    During the march in with my father


    Mr OOPS and myself and our families are full of gratitude and happiness when we saw the beautifully decorated wedding reception and solemnization area. We started off with just brainstorming of ideas and then it went off to the stage of purchasing items and preparing the items. Finally, it came to the actual day of getting everything set up. Seeing our ideas getting translated into reality is just an amazing feeling. Till date, I still have friends and family members who will sing praises about the set up and the originality of it. Big hugs once again to all my jie meis and wedding decor team!

    One last special note to our wonderful back-end team who turned up early in the morning to get the wedding decoration up for us! We cannot thank them enough!

    With love,
    Mr and Mrs OOPS


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