How To Get A Free Instagram Slideshow During Your Wedding? Featuring Jolly and KK~

So I was told it is possible to have an instagram live feed during a wedding.. and its for FREE? No Kidding.

This is it... LIVEFLOW.IN! A free one stop website that could show tweets and instagram photos in a real time, like a slide show! (#notasponsoredpost)

I know right, FREE!?!?!?! This is totally INSANE!! Even I cannot believe my ears when I hear about this free awesome web service. This is totally cool for us, consumers but it's also going to kill many business opportunities by those photobooth vendors. *Oh well!* How I wish I got to know about this before my wedding day.

Here's what you will need to get yourself started!

  1. An instagram hashtag for your wedding! Example: #jollykkwed
  2. An instagram account (or create a brand new one just for the wedding) Example: jollykkwed
  3. Laptop with internet connection
  4. Point and shoot camera / Smartphone / DSLR Camera
  5. Projector and projector screen (usually available at the wedding location)
A sample of the Instagram account which was set up
specifically for the wedding #jollykkwed
Sample of an uploaded photo with the hashtag
on Instagram

What to do on the day itself?

  • Assign friends who are good with photo-taking and Instagram to be in-charge of updating that instagram account (with the hashtag). Upload photos on-the-go.
  • Go to to load the photos. (*Do note that only photos which are posted in public accounts will be shown on the slideshow)

What are the steps to do inside Liveflow?

Screenshot from
  1. Fill in the hashtag
  2. Set the date which you want the photos to start from
  3. Select "Twitter" or " Instagram" icon accordingly
  4. Click Start and you are ready to view the slideshow!
The slideshow will be played in chronological order, with an interval of 3 seconds per photo. I captured some screenshots of the slideshow to help you understand how it work.

Snapped during the wedding lunch at Mandarin Oriental

What you can see on the slideshow:

1) Hashtag at the top
2) Instagram profile pic and Instagram ID
3) Title of the photo

Click to enlarge
More screenshots of the slideshow!

P.S. The couple themselves DIY a super creative photobooth backdrop, almost like an exhibition product of a 3D art museum. (P.S. they did it from scratch). Mr OOPS's role is to get as many guests as possible to the photobooth and have their photo taken with his DSLR.

Here's some QnA which I think can help convince you this is a great feature to consider at your wedding! (after our first hand experience doing the photo-taking for Jolly and KK)

  • Who are the people using this hashtag system?

Basically Instagrammers (or some say addicts), which are only a handful. The couple themselves will be too busy to even look at their phones.  Therefore it is important to assign someone to upload and hashtag these photos regularly.

  • How many people actually use a photobooth service?

Mr OOPS was stationed at the photobooth for about 1 hour 15 minutes. The number of photos taken on his DSLR is a grand total of.... 31 photos! Not many guests, especially the elder guests, are coming forward for the photo taking. Therefore, the photobooth may end up being underused.

  • What is the flaw in this website?
There are no other functions available. So it's basically chronological flow, and 3 seconds interval and will the whole sequence will repeat once all the photos are exhausted. For example: I cannot extend the interval time or start from a certain photo.

  • How much money will you be saving?

I can safely say that you will be saving at least a $500 if you are considering engaging a vendor that offers similar services. Of course, there are still some perks of engaging professional vendors. Some market themselves as using professional camera or some will be providing those insta-print services.

  • Do you really need those insta-prints?

Let's be frank about it, Instagram photos are not worth printing simply because the quality of the photos are poor. Most of the time, the photos are either blurred or in poor resolution. It's worse when you see extra printouts laying around on the table, abandoned because they didn't look good. So why waste hundreds of dollars getting them printed out?

  • Why is this better than a paid photobooth service that provides instant print and slideshow?

Because it's free and there's no strings attached. If you have no gatecrash video or want some free entertainment for your guests during the wedding, this is probably your safest bet.
After the event, you can simply delete this instagram account or keep it for memory sake.

With that, I will end this post with a group photo of us with our friends!

Thank you KK and Jolly for the super yummy and pleasant wedding lunch experience at Mandarin Oriental! Most importantly, thank you for introducing this new feature! I hope it also benefits other brides! 

With love, 
Mr and Mrs OOPS


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