Top 5 Hidden Wedding Costs In a Bridal Package!

When we are in the midst of being sales-talked into purchasing our bridal package, we are often being consoled that there are no other hidden costs in our packages. BUT PLEASE, BE ON YOUR HIGH ALERT!!! In this post, besides talking about the additional costs, I will be adding in the additional costs which I will be paying based on my bridal package with Feline Bridal.

Here's the top 5 hidden costs which I felt is often not labelled in the package.

1)      “Premium” gown collection

  • When we go to wedding showcases or bridal studios, we will often see stunning gowns that captivate our eyes. That's when we will just agree and sign the package, thinking that the package we sign will allow us to wear those gowns.
  • However, the truth is when its time for our gown selection, we will be told about those pretty gowns are in the segment of "Premium" gowns, which you would need to top up for. These top up can be as high as $800. More money. $$$
  • My bridal studio allows me to choose any gown off their racks. (thankfully)

2)      Fake eyelashes and ampoule

  • Bridal studios will normally not mention these about the fake eyelashes and ampoule because if it is not written in your invoice, they can very well charge you for it on the day of your wedding or your photoshoot. For some, they will charge a high price for these. My take is, bargain for these 2 to be free. If it really can't be free, at least bargain for a cheaper price.
  • My bridal studio gave these to me for free during pre wedding shoot.
  • Update on 31st August 2015: surprise surprise!  my bridal studio's MUA just told me that there will be a charge of $50 per ampoule. 1 will be needed for morning first make up and another 1 will be needed second make up before banquet. Therefore a total of $100 will be needed if we are taking this up. It's not compulsory but it is highly recommended to help your make up retain longer on your face. She says that it is a higher quality ampoule that retains make up for 5-6 hours whereas the one she used on photoshoot is just a basic one which can only retain make up for 3 hours, thus free.
  • Fake eyelashes for Actual Day will be free, as per what I have bargained for when we signed the package.

3)      Early morning charges

  • Usually the morning charges will be there if we need MUA to come before 7am. So it's good to ask beforehand. Adding in these additional costs into our package right from will help us to have an idea how much are we topping up.
  • The total time for a MUA to do a complete and thorough bridal make up will usually be 2 hours. I have some friends who took up free lance make up. Some were told that they only need 1 hour. So it really depends.
  • P.S. My bridal studio charges me $80 per extra hour (if before 7am).

4)      New Hairdo for second march in (if change of gown)

  • We will often be told that the package includes 1 set of trial make up and 2 sets of make up and hair-do on our actual day. "That will probably be enough right?", was my first thought.
  • However, some of us (in fact, most of us) does not realised that getting a new hair-do for the second march in is actually considered a third look. And as such, there will be an additional surcharge for the MUA to stay around for that. Usually they will just do a simple touch up of the make up and then a second hairdo.
  • P.S. My bridal studio charges me $200 for that.

5)      “Designer fees” for your wedding album layout

  • All along I know that bridal studio charges a high cost of $60-$80 per photo. However it was a shock for me when I realised that in order to put the additional photos into a wedding album layout, we would need to pay for this thing called the designer fees. The fees are charged by per theme (usually 2 pages side by side).
  • Therefore while you are buying photos, remember that you will also need to top up on the designer fees for them so that they are arranged and presented nicely on your album. 
  • The price which my bridal studio quote me was $160 per theme

We never know what kind of surprises we may face when we sign up for a package. So my advice would be, the lower the base price of your bridal package, the more comprehensive your package is,  the better it is. =)

Mrs To-Be OOPS


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