Preparing Our Wedding Invitations (With T-Dragon)

It is finally the time to start preparing our wedding invites! We are so excited about our wedding card invites because it is also our first point of contact with our guests and giving them some ideas about what they could expect from attending our wedding lunch.

We approached T-Dragon, the official company which liaised with Intercontinental Hotel for their wedding invites. So for couples who are also with Intercontinental Hotel and are curious on how the invites in their contract are like, do read on!

There is only one colour for the envelopes and the insert holders.
Front of the envelope

Back of the envelope
The insert holders are of a classy ivory colour, with embossed floral prints.

Front of the card, which is used to contain the inserts
Back of the card, which is used to contain the inserts

For the inserts, it will come in 2 languages, together with a pocket sized calendar card. For the inserts, there are a total of 4 colours which we can choose from. Both English and Chinese version, together with the calendar cards will be of the same colour.

Photo from T-Dragon.
From left to right: Grey, Purple, Blue and Pink
Information required are pretty standard. The staff at T-Dragon, Connie, emailed us a form so we just need to fill it up with information such as our wedding date, time, solemnization time, our names and our father's name in English and Chinese. There is also a segment on whether you are eldest, 2nd child, 3rd child, only child or youngest child.

Final component will be the font of the wordings, which we were also given some fonts and templates to choose from.

Pretty comprehensive and not too taxing on my brain IMHO.

English and Chinese Version of the inserts.

For couples who do not like their standard logo design at the top, which is basically the first letter of the couple's names, you can opt to put in your own design.

T-dragon staff was giving us lots of options when it comes to logo designs. We can also send in our own design if we have any in mind. The charges for changing the logo will be a one-time off fee of $10.

Varieties of logos and cartoons which we can choose
from to customize our cards
Varieties of logos and cartoons which we can choose
from to customize our cards

So for additional customization, couples can also consider adding a hot stamp print in the centre of your insert holders. A hot stamp print can come in the form of a picture or just wordings. The outcome will be an embossed silver or gold print, as per seen in the photo below.

Charges for the hot stamp print will be $80 for first 100 pieces, and subsequent pieces, 25 cents per piece.

Additional charges are required for that extra hot stamp print
Any further customization could be brought up for discussion with the staff.

Upon confirmation of the order, the invites will be ready in about 2-3 weeks time. The printing cost will be $100. However, since our banquet contract states that our invites are inclusive of printing, this printing cost is waived off for us.

We do not need to go back to Peninsula Shopping Centre anymore to order our wedding cards, unless if we want alternative options. So for now, we will just need to correspond with them via email and phone calls and they will do their magic.

That's pretty much all I have. Can't wait to see my completed wedding cards and start sending them out to all our beloved guests! #redbombsftw ! haha!

Mrs To-Be OOPS


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