Review: Wedding Lunch At Mandarin Orchard Hotel (Imperial Ballroom)

In July, Mr OOPS and I had the pleasure to attend our university's friend and his high school buddy's wedding lunch at Mandarin Orchard Hotel. I had a really good impression of Mandarin Orchard, especially their food, when I attended their wedding showcase (organized by styleXstye) late last year.

Location: Awesome
-The hotel is located just beside 313, about 5 minutes walk from Somerset MRT station. Very convenient.
-There's shopping malls all around Mandarin Orchard. There's Taka, Robinsons, Cineleisure and also 313. We can pop by either one mall for some shopping after the lunch ends. *happy*

Unique Points About The Wedding:
The wedding is held at Imperial Ballroom, located at level 35. The ballroom set up is slightly different from the usual rectangular or square shape ballroom. Instead, its a circular one with 3 levels of steps.

The view once you enter the ballroom.
All the tables are accompanied with the highly-raved-about gold tiffany chairs.

A photo of the actual day table set up.
Despite the circular shape and height, be assured that all guests will have a perfect view of the stage, which is located right in the centre of the ballroom.

Another shot taken from a table with the stairs. (while the couple are doing their toast)

Service: Good
-As a guest, the service is pretty good and fast. Waiter ratio is 1-1 and all our requests were attended to promptly.
-Although the food were served in communal style, we got our food individually plated, in nice formations. Feels like fine dining although it's not. Haha.
-The only thing which I felt could be better is the banquet's manager co-ordination with the kitchen on the speed of serving. The banquet started pretty much on time and once the food started serving, I felt like the speed of serving the food is so much faster than the speed of us enjoying the food. It was a very rushed meal for me. However, after the 4th dish, there was suddenly a relatively "long"pause of serving as everything is put on hold for the couple's second march in. Due to the stark difference, the long pause become quite apparent.
-We started the lunch at about 1 plus abit and everything ended by 3pm. Fast, isn't it?

Food: Awesome
-Portions are relatively big and enough for 10 pax. Everyone had a good serving, be it the broth, chicken or fish. 
-Steamed fish is very important because it's either a make it or a break it dish. For this wedding lunch, our fish was a make it! Yummy!
-I would like to highlight the prawns in chilli sauce and fried buns. It taste like chilli crab sauce except that they used prawns. Big and crunch prawns. My type of food!
-Here's their menu! This time round I remembered to take photos of the dishes, except the dessert.

Lunch Menu

Shredded abalone in superior broth

Stir Fried Prawn in Chilli Sauce with Fried Buns

After its individually plated
-The garoupa is at least a 1.5kg.

Steamed Garoupa "Hong Kong" Style

Crispy Roasted Chicken with Prawn Crackers

Braised Voluta Served with Mushroom
and Seasonal Vegetables

Stir Fried Seafood Udon
Other points to note:
-There are 2 projector screens, located at the right and left side of the stage. All guests will be able to have a clear view of the screen.
-There is a foyer right beside the entrance of the ballroom, which you can use as a holding area or to do your solemnization before the banquet starts.
-I like to look at the flower decor set up. I was quite disappointed when I realised the flower decor which is provided by the hotel is a mixture of real and fake flowers. The reason why I decided to take the photo below is because I wanted to highlight that although the flowers are mixed, you can't really tell from the photos.

My recommendations:
-My personal preference, and I have already clarified with Intercontinental Singapore, is to have real flowers for all the decoration. For the price we are paying for a full banquet, I would think this is a reasonable request.
-I still advocate for wedding lunches for various reasons. Firstly they are friendly to the pockets. Secondly, the day will end earlier for the couple, the helpers and also the guests. The feeling of still having half a day to rest and relax after the event ends is really awesome. Thirdly, most of your guests will arrive on time! So awesome, isnt' it?
-For more information about the banquet package offered by Mandarin Orchard Hotel, do hop over to Singaporebrides at  for more information!

I will take this opportunity to once again congratulate Chinpang and Jace on a wonderful and everlasting marriage ahead. =)

Mrs To-Be OOPS


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