Review: Our First Gown Fitting Experience At Feline Bridal.

I have taken quite a long break from blogging as there have been so many happenings around me for the past few weeks. Now I'm settling myself down. Now, back to sharing my experiences...

*For the benefit of btb who have also signed up with Feline Bridal, here's a detailed review of our first gown fitting experience for our pre-wedding photoshoot.* I will cover about a review of my general sensing of Feline Bridal, the gowns, the services and the fitting room at Feline Bridal.

Mr Oops and I went for our first gown fitting at Feline Bridal in February 2015. This first gown fitting was for us to select 5 gowns for our photoshoot in March 2015. The total amount of time I spent inside the bridal studio for gown selection: 2.5 hours.

To start this off, a very clueless me brought different types of undergarments and heels to the studio. Nude colour tummy shapers, thigh shapers, hip shapers and even 3 different pairs of my highest heels.
My mentality: to make make sure my inner wear can accentuate the gowns I'm wearing
What happened in reality: I need none of those. I change back to my normal undergarments eventually. There was also this block on the floor which I could stand on, therefore I do not require any of my heels at all.
Overall conclusion: Just bring yourself to the gown fitting.

Gowns at Feline Bridal: 3.5/5
So for fellow btb who are wondering how do the 5 gowns in Feline Bridal work, here's how it goes.
-3 evening gowns - any piece off the racks, no extra charges, they have quite a good number of range of gowns.
-2 wedding gowns - Out of the 2, 1 is from the premium range and the other 1 is from any other racks. Premium BUT no extra charges. It just meant the premium gowns can only be used for actual day or indoor studio shoots. These gowns are usually the latest designs. Personally thought that was fair enough.
-3 suits for the groom - Mr Oops was given 5 sets to try. He ended up choosing an all black, all white and a grey. His selection was done in 15 minutes.

Initially I went in thinking I can choose whichever number of wedding gowns or evening gowns which I want as long as they hit 5. But now I know, that's not the case. =)

In total, I tried a total of 8 evening gowns and 4 wedding gowns of all sorts of colours and designs and I finally decided on my preferred gowns! It's a pity that no cameras were allowed in the fitting rooms so I don't have any photos to post here.

My personal take is the gowns at the bridal studio are not bad but not to the extent of designer series. Most of the gowns are pretty average. For each type of colour, there will be a few choices. Given the price they are charging and the extent of their package, I was okay with it. In fact, I am pretty easy-going when it comes to clothes so I still had an enjoyable experience with the gowns.

Services at Feline Bridal: 4/5
My MUA, Lily, was really polite and patient in helping me with the selections. She gave me alot of recommendations as to the type of gown which suits my body type. She also attended to my multiple requests of yellow, blue, pink, white, sexy, not sexy, dark colour kind of gowns. Looking back, I think she must be rolling her eyes hard at my request of "Can I have a gown that makes me taller, slimmer and younger?" =P

I'm looking forward to her doing my make up for the pre-wedding shoot in end March.

Fitting Room At Feline Bridal: 2/5
As my gown fitting day was a weekday afternoon, there were only me and another btb with her family. Not too crowded~ That being said, the fitting room was quite a disappointment. If you recall, I signed up for the package without making a prior visit to the bridal studio. So basically when I reached the place, I was kind of disappointed. Not the big big spacious, full of white, big full length mirrors, lotsa flowers (or fake flowers) around the changing area. Feels like a normal fitting room at a departmental area, difference being I'm surrounded by gowns instead of normal clothes. But if you are not picky about that, then it won't be an issue.

Overall experience at Feline Bridal : Very Good
Given the price I'm paying and the range of gowns which Feline Bridal offers, I think it's not too bad so far. It's really helpful that I do not have to top up any money for any of the gowns on their racks. So that's a mega plus point for me.

For bigger size brides, I will recommend you to head down to the bridal studio itself too look at your choices before signing up package with them. For a petite person like me, I thought the gowns fit in quite perfectly without much alteration. However, on second thoughts, bigger size brides may have lesser choices.

Update as of 25/8/15: Feline Bridal has shifted to their new location at Delta House. Their fitting room is still of the same concept, looks like a fitting room at a departmental store. But now they have more rooms to cater to more fittings at one single time. The gowns are also hung up nicely, making selection much easier.

Next post... will be on our wedding band! So stay tuned!!

Mrs To-Be OOPS


  1. Hi i jus signed up for a feline package recently. I saw ur blog while i was researching and tt it is quite recent. I have also shortlisted intercontinental hotel as the wedding venue. Such a coninciendence when i also saw ut blog when i research for intercontinental Wouldham hotel! Would you mind sharing with me ur experiences and packages? PM me k? :)

  2. Hello! Fellow feline intercon bride! Lol! We can definitely take this offline with regards to package deals. Do read up on the post on ways to bargain for your hotel banquet package! It will be very helpful to have that checklist when you negotiate with your coordinator.


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