Wedding Entertainment For My Wedding Banquet Confirmed!!

So in December, I click on one of the random sponsored posts that appears in my facebook news feed. I ended up joining one of the giveaways by Rewardify, in hope to win some entertainment programme for my wedding day.

And since the company itself talks about the giveaway, I decided it should be real! I have not heard about WhiteRoses before nor seen them around at wedding showcases. But I guess there's really no harm trying if it's a giveaway. From their facebook it seemed like a really new company.

And guess what, Ta-Da! 

I WON IT!!!!!!!!!!! 

I even went to double check my email. And yes! I received the official email from Rewardify to notify that I have won!!!

Although I have contacted Rewardify by emails and also PM them on facebook, the sad thing is they did not respond back to me at all. The last I heard from them was on 2nd March 2015, which they indicated they will get back to me on the day itself. However, again, there wasn't any news from them.

Thankfully, WhiteRoses was really nice to respond to my facebook PM. In fact they responded promptly, asking for my wedding actual date and recommended for a meet up in June to discuss the arrangements on the day itself. It was really a great assurance on our side.

White roses was created in 2014 by Benjamin Lim Jian Wei - 1st runner up of Channel's 8 singing competition"Power Duet", K歌2击队.He is a music driven individual who wishes to spread his passion for music to everyone around him and bring joy to the public. He and his team has been performing for close to 4 years for wedding events and specialises in acoustic performances and self-arranged music to fit your likings. We will be happy to offer consultatory services for your weddings and tailor our performances to your needs and request.  For informations on booking and enquiries,you can feel free to contact us at
Taken from their official website:

I'm definitely looking forward to the meet up with this company. I will make sure to update everyone about this giveaway and my experience with WhiteRoses subsequently! For all my guests, we will be hearing some live music! Exciting! =)

Mrs To-Be OOPS


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