Planning a Baby-Moon - Which Travel Insurance Policy To Get For Pregnancy Related Travel?

I have been toying with the idea about resuming blogging after the birth of our first child. But I decided to fast forward this thought since I had some free time offhand. I am going to start it off with my favourite topic.... pregnancy related travel!

The first and utmost thing that people worry about travelling while pregnant is insurance coverage. So the first step after confirming on our travel destination is to move on to a reliable travel insurance which makes sense for my current pregnancy state.

My 3 main areas of focus in this insurance, on top of the usuals, would be:
1) emergency trip cancellation before the trip if my gynae certify me as unsafe to travel
2) emergency trip postponement before the trip if my gynae certify me as unsafe to travel
3) overseas medical expenses that cover pregnancy related conditions

and I will be 30 weeks pregnant by the time I fly.

I shall be sharing my research on various travel insurances in Singapore and highlight my final choice. I would like to highlight that my personal research may not be an extensive list of all available travel insurance in Singapore but I welcome comments if you have good recommendations for other mummies-to-be.

1. AXA SmartTraveller (with Citibank)

AXA offers a SmartTraveller travel insurance with quite an extensive amount of benefits. Read up more over at AXA Website. For easy referencing, I cut and paste some of the relevant pregnancy related information in this post.

Under Section 7 and Section 18 of their core benefits, they do have a section for pregnancy related medical expenses that allows a claimable sum of $4000 and $8000 in accordance to the type of policy you are getting from them. 

However, trip cancellations or trip postponements due to complication of pregnancy is not claimable as it is under their exclusions.

Hmmm.. not really the full coverage which I wanted but at least medical expenses are covered for third trimester pregnancy related medical conditions while overseas.

2. MSIG TravelEasy (with DBS/POSB bank)

I was actually kinda having high hopes for MSIG because I had always been purchasing their insurance every time I travel. I had a good claim experience with them when I was pickpocketed in Amsterdam previously. But it always makes sense to read up the plan in details before purchasing an insurance just for its brand. You can read up more here:

There are no indications of pregnancy related payouts but when we go into the policy exclusions, there it writes. Anything to do with pregnancy is not claimable


This policy is indeed out for me.

3. Aviva Travel Plus / Travel Prestige

I'm highlighting Aviva's Travel Plus and Travel Prestige because they can offer more extensive pregnancy coverage which their Travel Lite could not.  Unlike other policies, pregnancy is not in Aviva's general exclusions and in fact they seemed like the best option when it comes to pregnancy coverage from their product summary.

But after reading the FAQ in details, I found some red alerts!

Firstly, in order to tap on the 50% refund for trip cancellation or trip postponement due to any reasons, we must have purchased the travel insurance within 7 days of purchasing the flight/accomodation/entertainment expenses etc.

Secondly, the pregnancy coverage is only extended to second trimester. If you are travelling before your 26th week pregnancy term, you will still be covered. But if you are going to be travelling in your 30th week (which is my plan), this policy does not cover medical expenses outside Singapore or trip cancellation or interruption if unfit to travel.

Good for second trimester and before... not good for third trimester mummies-to-be. Price is relatively higher. But it seemed like the best value-for-money insurance for second trimester and before.

4. Chubb Travel Insurance

Chubb is relatively a less known travel insurance company  (at least to me) and I happen to chance upon it thanks to Google advertisements.

Similarly to MSIG, anything in relation to pregnancy is under their travel insurance general exclusions... except for miscarriages due to accidental injury.

I find that coverage of miscarriages due to accidental injury abit too little as compared to the AXA one.

5. NTUC Income travel insurance

The last insurance which I decided to try researching on is NTUC income. Honestly, I had heard bad experiences of claims with NTUC income so it was never my top choice when it comes to travel insurance. I decided to still have some final look in case they do have a good coverage for pregnancy related conditions.

Photo snipped from NTUC Travel Insurance's "General Conditions which apply to the whole policy"
Get the full document on 
Phew, but I was right afterall. Just like MSIG, anything in relation to pregnancy is excluded once more.

No good reasons to consider NTUC once again.


The sad reality is that when once we are pregnant, we fall under the high risk when it comes to possible payout so insurance companies would put pregnancy in their general exclusions. It ended up being quite disheartening to see how all the usual insurance travel policies which I used to purchase from is suddenly useless in my pregnancy context. I opted for the AXA one eventually.

As a gentle reminder, do remember to secure (1) a consent for travelling from your gynae and bring it along with you, (2) bring along pregnancy friendly medication in case you caught a flu and (3) choose a travel destination whereby medical facilities are readily available in case of any emergency.

So guess where we are heading to for our Baby-Moon? =D

Excited Mom-To-Be,


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  5. Just to note that the AXA Smart Traveller policy has some exclusions when it comes to pregnancy-related claims, namely:

    1. Medical Expenses incurred for a One-Way Trip.
    2. The first trimester of pregnancy (i.e. 0-12 weeks).
    3. Ectopic pregnancy or childbirth including premature childbirth or stillbirth.
    4. Abortion or miscarriage, except if it is due to an Accident.
    5. Tests or treatment relating to fertility, contraception, sterilization, birth defects or congenital Illness.
    6. Depressive, psychological or psychiatric Illness, including post-natal depression.


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