Welcoming 2017!


Here's a big shoutout to peeps who had been following Mr and Mrs OOPS in one way or another.

This blog had started out as an avenue to share our super awesome tips to securing the best deals while preparing for a wedding in Singapore. We are so happy to share that with all those strategies in hand, we managed to have our dream wedding at Intercontinental Singapore, hosting 33 tables and incurring zero debts at the end of the wedding. Read more about our sharing on wedding tips here: https://mrandmrsoops.blogspot.sg/p/directory.html Although our sharing is not a comprehensive one and pretty much personal opinions, we generally shared enough for you to be well-prepared for the wedding, with good bargains at hand. We do not recommend ALL the wedding vendors we engaged but we definitely highlighted those which we felt were great!

In the year 2016, we started moving on to becoming a travel blog. It was a real joy sharing about our passion and love for travel to various destinations. We had so many fun (and traumatic) and exciting (and depressing) moments while visiting various countries. That's when we realised that this vast knowledge of travelling the world should be shared with others. Since then, we have written a few series of articles that tracked our footsteps. Read more about our footsteps at: https://mrandmrsoops.blogspot.sg/p/travel-log.html We still had a whole series of blog posts of our trips to Switzerland, Italy, Hongkong, USA and many more which were not up yet. We apologise for those delays. Writing a comprehensive and detailed blog post was way time consuming as we had expected and we wanted nothing but the best for our readers. So this is something we really need to keep up in 2017.

Moving on, we have also decided that just sharing about the different places around the world is just not enough. In fact, what's most important is how can we work towards securing great deals in Singapore and stretching our dollar so as to make every dollar and cent counts. We have been looking into different ways to miles accumulation to allow more travel opportunities at the lowest cost possible. We have also started listing down our expenses and researching on credit cards which will go well for miles accumulation. We have one big idol to thank : The Milelion! His site provides wonderful tips about these travelling and we are really inspired from his tips. We will also be sharing tips from our perspective and how we have been doing so from our day to day spendings.

Last but not least, we are going to be more active in our reviews on tripadvisor!! Tripadvisor had been a very useful webpage that helped us to plan our holidays. So we want to give back to the travel community out there.

We hope that all these sharings will be helpful and we will keep up with our good work. Do follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get our latest feeds.
Because afterall, we feel that the world is like a book and those who do not travel read only one page!

With Love,
Mr and Mrs OOPS.


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