Honeymoon: City life In Iceland (Part 2/5: Free and Easy Around Reykjavik City)

Moving on from my Part 1 of logistics and preparation before setting off to Iceland, we are moving on to Reykjavik City itself! Let's GO!

The Start of Day Number 1: Free and Easy Around Reykjavik City

Our day 1 in Iceland starts from the moment we are hovering above it. When we looked out from the airplane window, the sight was breath-taking. Almost everyone on the plane was whipping out their cameras to capture the icy landscape.

Airport transfer to city centre is approximately 45 minutes from airport. We chose Reykjavik Excursion's Flybus Aiport Shuttle Bus and settled ourselves at our guest house. All the shuttle buses are timed in accordance to the landing flights in Iceland, so you will definitely have a bus to and fro the city centre even if your flight sets off from Iceland in the wee hours. You can either buy your tickets directly at the airport or book the online tickets via their website.

Boarding Reykjavik Excursion airport transfer

Instead of reaching the night before, we reached Reykjavik only at 12+pm the next day. As such, we have to miss our pre-booked Silfra snorkelling + Golden Circle day tour. It was difficult to get another tour as the day tours usually start from as early as 9am and the tours in Iceland are always taken up fast. The Northern lights tour which we signed up for was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. The Blue Lagoon was fully booked for the day. So our only option left was to tour the city, free and easy.

Mr OOPS and I spent our day walking around Reykjavik city. It's a very small city which can be completed by foot. As it turns dark quickly, we had little day time. First up: the most iconic building in Reykjavik: Hallgrímskirkja aka Hallgrims Church. Very unique and beautiful structure. It is the best spot to hide away from the strong and chilly winds outside because it's warm and cosy inside.

Hallgrims Church at day time
Ceiling of Hallgrims church
Interior of Hallgrims church

Interior of Hallgrims church

Taking a walk out to the sea... It only requires 10-15 minutes from the church.

This structure over here is the Sun Voyager. The structure is here since 1990 to commemorate Reykjavik's 200th anniversary and an ode to the Sun, symbolising light and hope.

Walking around the city wasn't a very easy task, especially when the weather changes in a split second. Snow boots are helpful because it prevents us from slipping! There are moments whereby we will experience strong winds and heavy snow. The buildings are also low lying and sometimes, colourful.

Traffic Light Colours

We had our dinner at this little fast food joint, Aktu Taktu. Besides affordable and fast meals, we get views of the mountains and sea in front of us. Halfway through our dinner, it was snowing very rapidly until the roads are all covered with snow once again. By the time we are done with dinner, snow has stopped. *hooray*

Some interesting fun facts in Iceland: the freezer section in the supermarket is warmer than outside. There are many thermal swimming pools within the city centre, if you ever missed out on the touristy ones or find those expensive. If you want to do shopping, Iceland is out for you because there's nothing much to shop for. Nothing much to purchase from the city centre unless you have specific collectables you want from specific countries or the Icelandic wool sweater (which will make you get heat stroke if you wear it in Singapore).

The usual stuff like cups, postcards, magnets are
available for purchase if you are collecting them.

That's pretty much what we covered for day 1. We stopped by to "paint" someone's car before heading back.

In my next post, I will cover details of our 2D1N tour around the waterfalls along Southern Iceland, our Northern Lights encounter followed by the tour to awesome Jökulsárlón and our breath taking glacier hiking exprience! Those will be much more exciting. You will be screaming for a trip to Iceland by the end of the 5th post.

Note: All photos are credited to Mr and Mrs OOPS. Follow @mrandmrsoops and @djoops on Instagram for more photo works. Not sponsored or affiliated.

Still missing Iceland,
Mr and Mrs OOPS

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