2 Unique Photoshoot Locations in Singapore with Ideal Weddings Magazine!

So Mr and Mrs OOPS experienced a once-in-a-lifetime magazine moment with Ideal Weddings Singapore. For peeps who are wondering how we got this opportunity, we basically tried our luck at any online giveaways we chanced upon. Some people label such acts as "KIASU"! Haha!

Yes that's us inside issue number 2!

And it started from a shoutout calling out for photogenic couples in Singapore to be part of their editorials with the magazine's preferred vendors. These photos will be featured on the second issue of the magazine.

So we thought, CHIONG LAH!!!! No harm anyway.

A few months down the road, we are contacted by the staff from Ideal Wedding Magazine, informing us that we are selected for the shoot! #hooraytofreephotoshoot

Our shooting locations are : Lim Chu Kang Jetty and Portsdown Road (Water Tank).

I've never been to this jetty so that's something new. And I've been to Portsdown Road for desserts but haven't heard of any water tank?! So, COOL! Let's try this!

On the day itself, we met the photographer Yu Hsin from Tiny Dot Photography and make up artiste, Tang Yong from Tang Yong Hair and Make Up. Our clothes were from Mugigae (myself) and Sixth Empire (mr oops). We only need to prepare our shoes.
We had this shoot after our bridal shoot with Feline Wedding and Jeju Core Travel so we thought we were experienced. But this shoot was different. The entire process is more casual and less pose-y. Even the selected attires were not our usual style.


Lim Chu Kang Jetty is a picture perfect spot, although it would be better for you to drive there. There is only one road into the jetty. If you see yourself driving past countless cemeteries, you are on the right track! Taking a bus to and fro is not impossible but it's just ultra time consuming.

We look so nice and comfortable in the photos. But honestly, the place smells of fishes. We had to wait around for the fishermen to load their fishes on boat so as to capture these perfect shots. My first time seeing such a sight in Singapore.

The time which we had our shot was about 9+am. We basically missed the Golden Hour and ended up having to deal with harsh sunlight. I had challenges opening my eyes because of the strong sun rays. From the photos, the skies, the sea and the trees behind us were pretty much greyish and white instead of the ideal white and blue.

If you ask me, I think it would be best for couples to reach the jetty at 7 to 7.30am, just before the sun rises. I bet you will get even more better shots there!

So one more photo at the jetty before we move on. Picture perfect!


When I first saw this, I was thinking... "Hmmm water tank?". The venue itself is an old water tank located amongst the Wessex estate. Google for portsdown road water tank or portsdown road and you will probably spot this iconic structure. Apparantly, it's popular!

 While walking to the water tank, we also stopped by this estate for some shots.

Here's some of our favourite shots from this location shoot. Some are already featured in the magazine so I won't be posting it here.

Hehe, now our height is more balanced! =P

For the make up, I have previously talked about it in my post titled " Reason Why Brides Must Have A Make Up Trial! (With Before-And-After Make Up Photos) " so do click on the link if you are keen to know more about the experience. Just to comment, I love the way my hair was done but the make up is clearly not my best.

An informal shot before leaving the water tank.

This pretty much sums up our great photoshoot experience with TinyDot's Yu Hsin. We love the way he captures our emotions in its most natural state. Most importantly, he left a deep impression in us by arriving at the photoshoot location early, way before our scheduled time to reach. A punctual, capable and responsible photographer is probably what every couple will hope to find.

Read more about other location shoots with Tinydot at Ideal Weddings HERE! Or subscribe to the magazine. It's free anyway and it's packed with lotsa discounts and deals and nice wedding inspirations!! I read the magazine like it's my bedtime storybook so I can get new ideas.

Once again, thank you Ideal Weddings for this photoshoot experience and the birthday surprise for Mr OOPS. We appreciate it and enjoyed our day.

Happy memories to share,


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