Review: The Wedding Chijmes by Chijmes Hall Singapore

One of the top dream wedding location in Singapore has to be Chijmes. It is also one of the iconic and historical landmarks in Cityhall. Thus when the advertisement for Chijmes wedding show popped out on facebook, we decided to attend!

Photo from:


-When it comes to locations with such exclusivity, there will always be a trade off in terms of accessibility and parking lots. Their wedding packages only offer a whooping number of 6 parking lots. I wonder how much more they can offer after negotiation. It will definitely not be enough. 
-For guests who are taking the train, Chijmes is just about a 5-10 minutes walk from City Hall MRT station
-For guests who are driving, they can opt to park at Chijmes basement carpark.
Parking rates for Chijmes: 
From 8am to 5.59 pm,  $2.20 for 1st hour, $0.55 for ever subsequent 15 minutes.
From 6pm to 7.59 am, $4 per hour 

Chijmes Hall:

-We walked into the wedding hall and we are greeted with the beautiful infrastructure. Just the architecture itself is breathtaking enough. Thus, this venue needs no extra spendings on buffing it up.
-Gold tiffany chairs and fresh flowers will be good to bring out that soft touch to this wedding venue.
-For couples looking for a long march in and high ceiling, this is probably your best choice. (One note is the multiple pillars, unavoidable blockage of view for guests at the side of the hall)
-With such an infrastructure, its no wonder they are charging a minimum of $2888++ (for weekdays) to $4888++ (for weekends) for venue cost, if you do not opt for their banquet menu.
-In the wedding showcase, we managed to see a lot of wedding gown collection by the White Link Bridal.

Enjoying The "Royal Collection" Bridal Show By White Link Bridal

Another sneak peek of the bridal showcase

Chijmes wedding hall during the wedding show.

Outdoor Solemnization Option :

-One of the most memorable set up for the wedding show is the outdoor solemnization in the lawn area. It is perfect for couples looking for a garden theme wedding!
-The floral decor is done by Hello Flowers and venue set up is by Invited SG
-Although it is nice to have an outdoor solemnization, you also have to pay caution to rainy weather. Usually for November and December, chances of rainy weather are higher. For Chijmes, the alternative plan for bad weather is to have a tentage set up at an additional cost.

Lawn Solemnization At Chijmes
Floral arrangements by Hello Flowers
Set Up Decor by Invited Sg

Simple yet classic way of decorating aisle

-We like how the floral wedding arch is so rustic and fitting to the lawn. As usual, fresh flowers for the win!!

Solemnization Table Set Up

View from the side

Some Vendors From The Wedding Show:

-The entire wedding show felt as if we are attending a real wedding, together with mini booths from the different vendors. We saw the emcees doing a first and second march in. We also had our meals served to us individually. Very different from the wedding shows I've attended previously! =) 

Here's a photo of our round table set up.

1) 5 course lunch by Tung Lok Group
-Food was not bad. It's disappointing that the food were not warm by the time they are served to us.

Our 5 course meal by Tung Lok Group
2) Coolgurt station
-For couples who wants something unique during your wedding reception, you can consider engaging Coolgurt! Colourful flavored yogurt ice cream is definitely fun and yummy for guests. This would be awesome for lunches or outdoor theme wedding whereby guests are perspiring from the heat!

Coolgurt table decor

3) Merry Bees Live Music
-We enjoyed at least 2 sets of live singing from Shili and (not Adi). Lol, I was not familiar with the other male singer. Oops. But still, good music!

4) Amperian SG
They are basically a wedding planner that help you to craft your wedding based on your ideal theme, type and requirements. I didn't find out too much about them as we will not be engaging wedding planners.

Set up near the registration counters to inform
guests about their table numbers

5) Memorable Light Studio
-The staff were promoting their instant print photobooth service. They offer the very popular hashtag instaprints and immediate projection of photos on the screens. 

-Spotted a very extensive range of photo props at their photobooth.

-Professional photobooth set up and movable DSLR cameras, thumbs up for that.

Couple having their fun with the photo props!

6) White Link Bridal

-What's a wedding show if without beautiful wedding and evening gowns? =) Whitelink Bridal showcase a full range of wedding gowns under their "Royal" collection! We managed to capture a few of them while they were doing the walk on the runway.

Gown by Whitelink Bridal
Decor by Invited SG


-Pricing of Chijmes is definitely on the high side. It is not surprising to me because the venue is so exclusive and beautiful on its own. 
-Perks offered in their written package are also not attractive to me. Almost everything is chargeable and they only offer limited amount of alcohol (a major spending for every banquet). Then again, I am not sure how much more perks the staff will give to secure the deal if you start the bargaining process! =)
-For more information on their pricing and packages, check out :

Points to note and some recommendations on Chijmes:

-For couples having their wedding at Chijmes, it would be good to remind your guests about the expensive parking rates. If need be, direct your guests to cheaper alternatives: get them to park their cars at nearby malls such as Funan DigitaLife mall  and Raffles City Shopping Centre etc. That would be well appreciated.
-The one major flaw of Chijmes is the multiple pillars along the walkway. (Note picture below) For guests who are sitting at the right and left aisles of the hall behind the pillars, they will definitely have a blocked view. *tried and tested by me, standing at various spots inside the hall* The solution to these flaws are the 2 projectors at the front of the right and left aisle OR to have a standing cocktail reception instead of a sit-down banquet.

View of the Hall from the Stage
-The projectors on the left and right side of the wedding hall seems slightly yellowish and quite blur
-Maximum capacity for a sit down banquet in Chijmes is only 300 pax. Not ideal for big crowds.
-Chijmes may have started off as a Catholic convent but now the Chijmes hall is used purely for functions, events, product launches etc. Catholic or non-Catholics, this wedding hall is "secular" and used by couples of all religions.

I shall end the post with a lovely couple photo of Mr OOPS and myself at the lawn. We sure had a very enjoyable experience at Chijmes wedding showcase!!


Happy scouting,
Mrs To-Be-OOPS


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