Review: Our Pre-Wedding Casual Photoshoot in Jeju Part 2 (With Jeju Core Travel)

I shall continue part 2 of my casual photoshoot with Jeju Core Travel! This second post is focused on the photographer himself, the locations which we went for the photoshoot and some afterthoughts. This post will be a photo-intensive one because we will be showing some of the great edited shots we received from the travel agency.

Before you continue, if you have not read my part 1, I will advice you to read it first. =)

1) The Photographer

To clarify, Jeju Core Travel is a travel agency based in Jeju, not a photography studio. They collaborated with professional local photographers to provide this date snap package. We were very lucky to have with us Mr Oh Nam Hun~ ,Mr Oh to be short, as our photographer! 

From our conversations with him, he does photography for events, weddings, photoshoots and also portraits. He is based in Jeju and thus familiar with location shooting on the island. He had with him a higher end range of cameras and equipments. Only challenge would be he speaks minimum English. However, Jin and Hank , who followed us throughout the entire photoshoot, speak good English so it clears off any language barriers we have with Mr Oh!

2) The Weather Which We Experienced

We went to Korea in April 2015, Spring time. It's supposed to be the best season for any forms of photo taking because weather would be perfect, flowers will be blooming and skies will be all blue and white. Sad to say, we are really very very very unlucky. None of the above factors were on our side. 

The kind of weather on the day of the shoot is... SOME RAIN, FOGGY, CLOUDY, WINDY and VERY COLD. *boohoo* The lesson which we learnt, always check your weather forecast when you go Jeju. Despite the weather, we managed to get good photos. We had some unique ones toos.

3) Locations Of Our Photoshoot

I am proud to say that we have absolutely no clue where we would be going for our photoshoot. We were given some venues prior but I don't think we went there eventually. We received about 250 edited photos. I have selected a few of my favourite ones to be here as we are intending to keep some to be shown on our actual wedding day.

Location Number 1 : Aewol Beach

It's basically one of the locations which gave us very nice photos because of the colours. My orangey red dress really stands out in contrast to the blue sky and sea. For our first outfit, we opted for something that feels more formal.

By the way, the bouquet which I'm holding is done specially for us by Mr OOPS's daddy. He did it all from scratch. =) We brought it along as one of the props for this shoot.
Sitting on a random fisherman chair.(can't tell right?) Lol!

My personal favourite.

We may look all so nice and comfy taking the shot. But the ugly truth is we are shivering non stop and the moment we are not in the shoot, we put on our windbreakers!!

Location Number 2 : Some hidden farm at Aewol area

Surprise surprise. Because till now, I still don't know exactly where is this farm located at. We were driving around in the very foggy weather when Mr Oh very excitedly stopped his car and U-turn into a random road. The next thing we know, we have reached our second (and very impromptu) location shoot. 
A photo which I snapped with my phone while in the car
so as to show the foggy condition.
We did a few interesting shots here. Mr OOPS lifting me up high, standing under an umbrella, walking around in the super muddy and wet grass (and feeling grossed out literally) and posing around with a camera. 

Here's one of my favourite. This photo will give you a good idea of the condition of the fog conditon which we are experiencing. We were told that it's not everyday we see fogs in jeju. Therefore I count it as a blessing since we are able to capture such shots. (Side note, some bridal studios even quoted my friend $120 sgd so that they could get a shoot with foggy background. Seriously?)

Location Number 3 : An abandoned circus theatre (near  Saebyeol Oreum)

My first impression of this abandoned circus is "Is it haunted!?" It looks kind of creepy, especially in the fog. Sorry I didn't managed to capture any picture of the exterior. I was too cold and wet to do anything except to rush straight into the circus once we alighted from the car! Lol!

I'll just be selecting these 2 to showcase the interior of the circus.

The interior of the circus was pitch dark. But with clever
use of lighting equipment, we had an interesting backdrop.

In the audience seat, doing the "finger heart". Hehe.
Upclose of the finger heart.
Image from instagram.
Location Number 4 : Greek mythology museum (for the windmill)
We switched to our second outfit after our shoot in the circus. For our second outfit, we opted for something that's more casual and comfortable that goes well with our couple sneakers. In case you are wondering how we change, we did it inside the circus itself (while the staff waited outside~!)

 Our next venue is at this museum area. However, we just took our photos with the windmill located outside of the museum. The blue and white colours of the buildings reminded me of the buildings in Santorini, Greece.

Location Number 5 : The Ctesiphon House at Isidore Ranch

This photo spot is one of the unique architectures for the day. The shape of the house looks almost identical to the great archway of Ctesiphon, which is located in Iraq.
Image from
 This house was previously the accommodation of employees at the Isidore Ranch. However, it has evolved to just an empty building and a popular spot for wedding photos in Jeju. The building is almost like a hobbit house with small compartments inside. 

We brought the chalkboards along from
Singapore and used it here.

Jeju Core Travel also provided us with some simple
cute props which we can use.

A self-taken snapshot by Mr OOPS while waiting around.
You can see the beautiful ranch in foggy weather.

Location number 6 : Cafe 100% (located along Aewol Coastal Road)

This is my favourite location out of all the shoots. 

Reason is simple... THERE'S FOOD! We were so cold and hungry after so many hours of shooting. They served really yummy food and drinks (and it's not because we are too hungry!!!) If you come by Cafe 100%, I will strongly recommend getting the ham cheese toast and tar tar hotdog. I'm sorry there are no photos because we gobbled them up the moment they were served on the tables. =) Oh, and they served good coffee too!!

Also one of my favourite out of the entire collection.
Because we are all relaxed in the warmth inside the cafe, I managed to capture a shot of the other couple who are having their shots.

4) Afterthoughts

Despite the bad and cold weather, we completed the shoots quite successfully and returned home safely. We received a total of more than 800 unedited photos at the end of the shoot. Jin did the transfer immediately and passed the images to us using a thumbdrive. After about 3 weeks, we received our batch of edited photos by email.

To end off this post, here's one last group shot to showcase the wonderful team behind all our pretty photos!!! Besides the 2 couples, from left to right, we have with us Hank, Mr Oh and Jin.

Thank you once again for giving all 4 of us such fond memories of Jeju and making this photoshoot in Jeju one of our best choices ever. Because I value the passion and quality services you have presented to us, I kept to my promise of doing up a holistic and thorough review of our experience there. I also hope it can benefit other couples who are thinking of doing something special if they are going for a holiday in Jeju.

For any couples who have more enquiries on our photoshoot, here are 2 ways.
1) Ask me any question is in relation to my experience on the shoot. I'm more than happy to share about this great deal.
2) If you want to enquire more about this package, you can go to and book your preferred dates. If not, communicate directly with Jin or Hank because the staff are the best persons to attend to your questions (I'm just a customer). The package is constantly updated and improved overtime. HAHA! And, don't worry, they speak good English so language will not be a barrier at all!

If you do take up, also share your great experience and photos with me. :) I'm seriously contemplating on doing a second shoot if we were to plan another trip to jeju again. ^_^

Happy planning,
Mrs To-Be OOPS


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