8 Simple Ways To Save On Pre-Wedding Photographs!

So, if you are a couple who is not looking at spending an ultra big bomb on pre-wedding shots, like Mr OOPS and I, you will probably want to take this post very seriously. Because this post can possibly save you thousands of dollars and a potential big argument with your partner.

Here are 8 simple (but some say very tough) ways that can help you to save on pre-wedding photographs! I will be providing different options which I brainstormed with Mr OOPS for our own shoot and sharing these ideas in detail.

  1. Tell yourself that whatever they give you is already enough.This is potentially the simplest that I can type here but the toughest to implement in reality! Haha! Even I agree that it is never enough!!!
  2. If you are madly in love with pre-wedding shots and the prices offered by your bridal studio is just too expensive, then do 2 pre-wedding shoots! (which is exactly what I am going to do)
    • Engage 1 bridal studio which is primarily for your AD gowns, suits and make up artiste and they will probably also include a basic pre-wedding shoot of about 30 odd photos returned to you.
    • Engage a separate photographer (not from bridal studio) purely for pre-wedding shoot
      • Get in touch with a photographer, either local or overseas, to do another wedding shoot for you and your husband to be. 
      • Make sure to engage a photographer who will return ALL soft copies to you in this second contract.
      • Opt to do a casual shot by preparing your own matching wear or any other barang barang you want in your shoot.
      • Alternatively, rent or buy a simple wedding gown and engage a MUA and bring it along to the second photoshoot.
  3. Do your pre-wedding shoot in Singapore.
    • If you are someone who is looking for that unique overseas shoot, you will probably roll your eyes at my point number 3. Sorry to disappoint you! =P
    • One of the fastest way to cut costs is also to do everything local! When you opt for an overseas shoot, be prepared to fork out at least an additional $1500 and above. These money are used to pay for the air tickets for your spouse and yourself, accommodation and travel expenses at the country. That is exclusive of the costs of flying the photographer and make up artiste over together to that country. For some countries whereby language is an issue, couples also need to pay for a translator.
    • In fact, there are many places in Singapore which could also be crafted for absolutely stunning wedding photos. However, as overseas shoots are more lucrative, studio companies would often market themselves with couple photos taken overseas to entice their customers.
    • Mr OOPS and I also come to a consensus that when it's an overseas shoot, we have a higher tendency to spend spend spend. Because every angle and location overseas is so unique, beautiful and special, so it's human nature for us to say "Let's just buy it.".
  4. Opt for a bridal studio or photographer at the country you are opting for.
    • If you still decided that overseas is still a better choice for you, then at least do it the "local" way. Source for contacts such that you are dealing directly with the overseas photographers or bridal studios directly rather than through a middleman in Singapore. If not, chances are you will be paying for a more "premium" price.
    • Opt for a country that is of a lower standard cost of living than Singapore. You save money on the currency exchange and the travelling expenses.
  5. Do-It-Yourself photoshoot
    • This option is not entirely impossible, given that more and more people are familiar with the techniques of taking good photography. It's actually quite fun experimenting it with your partner.
    • The down side of this will be, it may be difficult to capture some natural still moments of lovey doveyness as one of you (usually the guy) will be busy setting the timer and running to you with that 10 seconds timer ticking away! ;)
    • I'm quite lucky that Mr OOPS is a free lance photographer. So this is actually one of my options.
  6. Reduce the number of gowns which the bride is wearing and number of locations for the pre-wedding shoot.
    • You may be thinking "Huh?! Why!? Shouldn't it be, the more the better?". That would mean a better deal secured. That may be true for actual day packages. However for pre-wedding shoot packages, it is the exact opposite. The more gowns you wear and the more places you go for your photoshoot, the more opportunities you are giving to the bridal studio to sell you more photos.
    • And well, we are all humans. Number One: Seeing ourselves all dressed up, with nice make up and lovely dresses and suits, we will want to keep a copy of that significant memory. Number Two: Every location has its own unique points, angle and also places which we can get different feel. So if you were to add these 2 permutations together, it's going to trigger many MANY possibilities for you to spend!
  7. Try your luck on a pre-wedding photoshoot contest to win a free photoshoot. Anything that is free is great!
  8. Take a package of photoshoot together with your AD photography and videography from the same company so you can also bargain for better overall pricing. (Updated on 12/2/15, Input from Valene) 
So after talking so much, what are MY plans for my own pre-wedding photography?

Mr OOPS and I are going ahead with the following:
  1. We have signed up for a basic package with Feline Bridal that helps us to settle our AD clothes, make up and a pre-wedding shoot in Singapore. (approximately $3000)
  2. We ordered a wedding gown from Taobao for our second photoshoot. (approximate costs:  SGD$50, exclusive of shipping costs as we are bringing it back on our own)
  3. Since we have already planned to visit Korea in April, we are getting some contacts from local photo studios and photographers for a pre-wedding shoot experience at Jeju and Seoul, with soft copies all returned, transportation and make up inclusive. (estimated costs: SGD $650)
  4. We are also intending to walk into this shop in Insa-dong, Seoul area that allows us to take photos of us wearing Korean traditional wedding clothes. (estimated costs :SGD$60-80) 
    • Recommendations from another btb: there are actually places in Singapore that allows us to wear hanbok for free in Singapore. Check out Korean Tourism Organization :)
I wonder how this plan will turns out. I will do my best to update you guys about it! ^_^

Mrs To-Be OOPS


  1. Your post is really good providing good information who are going to korea pre wedding photoshoot in near future.This is very very helpful for those who want to save thousand of dollars in photoshot in there wedding. I liked it and enjoyed reading it. Keep sharing such important posts.

    1. Hi Robert! You are very very welcome! I'm glad it is helpful to you. I am just back from Korea and will be sharing our experience doing our photoshoot in Jeju and also some places around Seoul. I hope it would help with your planning!

  2. Hi! Can you share which korean photographer u used and if it is good?

    1. Hi! I opted for this one by Jeju Core Travel. They are a travel agency but they work with a photographer to provide a photography package. Yes, it was good. You can check out the photos from the link.

      Read more about it at : https://mrandmrsoops.blogspot.sg/2015/05/review-our-pre-wedding-casual.html


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