#throwback : My Second Trimester with Baby OOPS

Second trimester is indeed a honeymoon period for all pregnant ladies! During this period, the baby bump is starting to show. For once, I wished my tummy can grow much bigger everyday because that would means our little baby is also growing!

Indeed, I was very hopeful.

I remember the subtle joys of feeling the little kicks from within. In fact, it started from me trying to figure out if those were kicks or just heartbeats. This joy and excitement is something which is so difficult to explain to anyone else because the movements could not be seen from the naked eye. As the kicks get more and more frequent, I started observing more movements from the baby. From subtle hints of the tummy jumping, it translated to huge movements of left to right and right to left. My womb felt like a giant playground whereby there's plenty of space to move around. Somehow, baby oops had already started to sense the difference between Mummy and everyone else. Whenever its Mummy and baby alone, he will be moving around rapidly but once someone else (including Daddy) touch him, he will just remain quiet and not move. It took Daddy some time before he spotted baby oops movements!

I remember the period whereby my appetite became super huge to the extent that I could eat 2 mains and a dessert before I finally feel full. I convinced my colleagues to have pizza together with me. My colleagues were left with their jaws drop. I literally convinced myself that any food intake except raw food and alcohol is perfectly fine!

I remember how I continued to keep myself active and mobile by not being lazy. Doing regular exercise such as going for walks and swimming helped me to keep my energy level up. I continued to walk up and down the overhead bridge that's near my office for lunch at least 3 times a week. In my mind, I seemed to be giving myself lots of excuses to just flag a cab that goes from point to point. So sometimes, there are also "cheat days" whereby I just took a cab/GRABcar home. Whee.

I went on our first amazing BabyMoon onboard the Royal Carribean cruise! Going on holidays during pregnancy is probably one of the best choices ever. Instead of seeing it as a babymoon, it is really very much the last "honeymoon" you can expect with your partner before a baby appears to suck up all your attention! The cruise was a very relaxing option because it does not require us to shift around different places with our luggages and all food and drinks are inclusive.

This period is also the honeymoon period to dress up my beautiful bump. Being subtle yet not overwhelming, I am no longer cautious about wearing tight dresses because I want baby oops to be noticed! This is also the period whereby I started spending money on fashionable maternity clothes and undergarments because they are probably the best inventions ever. My shoe size increased from size 36 to size 38 because of water retention and I bought lots of new shoes!

A big cheers to second trimester....
I am starting to put on alot of weight!
As we welcome the third trimester....
As I countdown to the day I start to lose all those weight!


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