Announcing Baby OOPS.

We have taken such a long break from our social media outlets because we figured out we had to attend to something else which takes higher priority. That something else basically sapped away all our energy and creativity juices because the writer (aka Mrs OOPS) was totally shagged.

And the good news is ... we will be welcoming little Baby OOPS into our little family.

We are slowly moving into the third trimester!!! we are very thankful to finally geting pass the nauseous and uncomfortable period during the first trimester and managing with the little baby bump that's getting more and more obvious over the months. Most of my days were spent sleeping as there is no energy to do anything else. However, I have started to be more pro-active in doing exercises such as brisk walking and swimming! This will help not just in the delivery but also in keeping the weight in check now that my appetite is bigger.

One thing that did not change is that the travel bug in us continues to live on and we still planned on continuing with our travel journeys. Everyone around me has been talking about going for a BABY-MOON and we are wondering if that is something possible and manageable with all the physical changes happening to my body.

As we welcome Baby OOPS, we will probably see more family-friendly travels. We definitely can't wait to pack our little baby (and diapers and milk powder and wet wipes and all the barang barang ) together with us.

Counting down to the arrival of Baby OOPS,


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