Jetstar Asia #FridayFreeFlights, A Scam Or A Real Giveaway?

There have been many airlines offering holiday giveaway contests. Most giveaways, especially those that are just too good to be true, ended up being scam websites. These left us doubting if it's all but yet another marketing gimmick to make us publicize their business services or just to steal our info!

If you are a travel-junkie like us and always look out for opportunities to venture out of Singapore, you should have chanced upon Jetstar Asia Airway's Friday Free Flights promotions. So we are going to satisfy your curiousity to this question today...


According to the terms and conditions for participants (grabbed from Jetstar Asia website):

How to enter: Eligible Entrants must during the respective Round of the Promotion Period, upload a selfie that includes the front cover of a passport only (not the page with personal details), in the style of the weekly theme, onto their social media platform of choice. Create a tagline with a Jetstar Asia (3K) destination such as “I’d rather be on a beach in Bali than doing house chores”. The tagline must be original. Tag Jetstar and hashtag #FridayFREEFlights. 

The prize for Singapore winners: An instant weekend getaway which has to be utilised the same weekend, including a pair of Jetstar return flights including 20 kg checked bags from Singapore to a Jetstar Asia destination and 2 nights hotel accommodation at the destination

The prize for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines winners: A pair of Jetstar tickets to travel to Singapore.

My interpretation: I just have to submit a selfie with a passport on my social media account and if I win, I get 2 tickets to my selected destination, inclusive of 2 nights hotel accomodation. How true is that?

Entering The Contest:

A chance encounter with the giveaway advertisement on Instagram prompted Mr OOPS and myself to try our chance at it. We were half doubtful because we haven't heard any friends talking about it before. Anyway, we had no big plans for the weekend and we had nothing to lose.. right?

We submitted our entry on a Friday morning when both of us are still dragging our feets to work. We were both on the MRT when Mr OOPS asked me for the tagline. I was craving for ice cream because the weather is hot. I was still addicted to Descendants Of The Sun at that point of time and watching korean dramas will be my weekend activity.

and so my tagline was... (Mr OOPS looked at me in doubt while I submit my entry)

"I rather be spending my time loitering around Chatuchak market, eating the original coconut ice cream than sitting at my sofa chasing Korean drama. I'm all ready to fly! Luggage packed!"

On Friday afternoon, I received a pop up on my Instagram. We are the winners! 

On Friday afternoon, about 2pm, I received calls from the staff in Jetstar to congratulate us, to select our prefered timings for our return flights and to confirm our flight details and travelling details. I was still doubting the call until the point I received the email with our confirmed flight itinerary!! Super excited.

Our Flight Experience:

On Friday evening, we on our way to to the airport and all ready for a vacation in Bangkok.

Type of plane : Airbus 320-200
Flight time: 2 hours 25 minutes
Airports: Singapore Changi Airport to and from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Departure flight: 3K509, 10.50pm (now discontinued)
Return flight: 3K518, 7pm 

Our return flight ticket came with 20kg baggage check in per pax. We made use of the self check in machines to get our boarding passes and check in our luggages. 
With our bags checked in, we don't have to lug cabin size luggages on board. Hooray!

We were seated at row number 4. The seats are all leather seats and had the usual 28 inch seat pitch. Mr OOPS would prefer more legroom due to his height !

There are no in-flight entertainment in this budget aircraft so we entertain ourselves with the interesting articles in their in-house magazine. It inspired us on more countries we could visit via Jetstar. It also gives us a good reminder to tag #StarJourneys for our travel photos.

Mr OOPS and I were half hoping they would throw in the in-flight meals to complete the entire flight experience but nopes, no in-flight meals! =x On our return flight, we finally succumb to the temptations and ordered our favourite.... CUP NOODLES! *HAHAHA*

Our Accomodation:

The accomodation which was booked for us was a deluxe room at Centre Point Ploen Chit . The hotel is just 5 minutes walk away from Ploen Chit BTS station, which makes it convenient for us to travel around. The staff from Jetstar also followed up with us to ensure we arrived and checked into our hotel successfully. We will do a more detailed blog post of our hotel stay shortly!

Checked in to Centre Point Ploen Chit!

It was indeed a super awesome feeling to taste my favourite coconut ice cream at Chatuchak over the weekend.

Any things to note for this giveaway?

The most important catch to this giveaway has to be the timeline. If we don't meet any of this, this opportunity will be passed on to the next winner.
  • We are only given 24 hours to submit our entries for the giveaway.
  • We only have 30 minutes to respond to Jetstar after they confirm us as the winner. 
  • We must fly on the Friday/Saturday which we won.
  • We have to buy our own travel insurance.
  • We have to pay for our own expenses and airport transfer expenses in Bangkok. (fair enough)
The exuberating joy of an instant getaway with zero planning and zero expenses on our side is indescribable. Although we often talk about trying this out, we back out because last minute tickets are often much expensive. If you are wondering how you can spend a different weekend this month, check out Jetstar's FridayFreeFlights or any other flight promotions like the recent facebook contest which asked for a 3D2N itinerary to an off-the-beaten-track to Hongkong (Read about our contest entry at : Our Personal 3D2N Off-The-Beaten-Track HongKong Itinerary !!! )


Alternative? Look out for other promotions!

For those who did not have the chance of an instant weekend getaway, you can still look out for Jetstar Asia's Friday Free Fares promo. Sidetrack, one of our best deal was getting all in return tickets from Taipei for 9 pax at $500.22! That means $55.60 per pax (inclusive of tax and exclusive of baggage check-in). *UNBELIEVABLE RIGHT?*
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We hope this post will be helpful to bring out the faith in us that it is possible to win giveaways! We will also diligently check out all the awesome holiday deals and post it at our facebook and instagram page. Follow us or subscribe to us if you enjoy our articles!

More from the Land of Smiles,
Mr and Mrs OOPS

Note: Information are accurate as of 2017 and may be subjected to changes by the organizing companies. All photos are credited to Mr and Mrs OOPS. Follow @mrandmrsoops and @djoops on Instagram for more instant updates. Not sponsored or affiliated.


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