24 Photos To Convince You Why Switzerland Is Awesome~!! (With Itinerary For Switzerland)

If I have to choose one European country to visit once more, I'm going to pick Switzerland. Let these photos give you a sneak peek to the kind of summer holiday you can expect in this beautiful country.

Overlooking Jungfrau, with my pack of Ricolaaaa~

 Here's our itinerary for the 1 week we spent around Switzerland~

We first travelled to Lugano from Milan. From Lugano, we headed to Lucerne for 2 nights via the Bernina Express. We visited Mount Titlis at Engelberg from Lucerne via a day trip. We did a detour to Bern before heading to Interlaken. From there, we stayed for 2 nights at Lauterbrunnen. This is where we could take a day to visit the highest peak of Europe, Jungfrau mountain. Before leaving Interlaken, we took a short cruise around the super beautiful Lake Brienz. We then head back to Zurich for 2 more nights before heading back to Singapore~

Sounds good? Now, photo time!

The iconic mountains at Lugano. Sunday was spent on the lake, paddling the boat with our feet. The shops were closed and the city centre was quiet. The crowd is at the lake enjoying the nice weather and feeding the swans.

Moving chess pieces is also a form of exercise.

Onboard the Bernina Express Scenic Train Ride, this is a scenic train ride whereby the costs are inclusive when you purchase the Eurail Pass. If you are thinking to opt for the Glacier Express from Zermatt to St Moritz, it will be a separate cost.

Admission to Mount Titlis is cheaper than Jungfrau, thanks to the Eurail pass discounts. We enjoyed walking on the high suspension bridge and sliding down the giant snow slopes!

This sua-gu lady aka myself gets excited over seeing a snow bulldozer.

Beautiful view from Titlis

The cows at our backyard. We can hear them when they are nearby because they have bells on their necks.

The Kapellbrücke bridge in Lucerne makes a simple night walk in the city centre an extra romantic one.

Our plan is to head to Interlaken immediately but due to train faults, we were re-routed to take a different route. The joys of having a Eurail pass in Switzerland is that you can hop on and hop off any rail without needing to purchase a train ticket. We decided to stop by Bern. It turned out to be our best choice ever!
Bern has unique shops located underground.

It is common to see bear statues around Bern. In fact, in the city centre, you can find 3 brown bears in an enclosure named BärenPark. We loved the vibes from Bern and was lucky enough to stumble across a street food festival during our visit.

 We opted to stay at Lauterbrunnen instead of Interlaken. This small town is quieter and less touristy. We woke up to a view of the beautiful waterfall from our hotel.

Here's our little picnic with champagne, while we slow down to enjoy the beautiful scenery ahead of us.

 We headed up to Jungfrau on day 2 as the tickets were sold out on day 1, which is very common especially during summers. The views of the moutains while riding up to the peak was amazing.

We are definitely not expecting such beautiful "winter" scene when we are visiting Europe in summer.

The nice blend of snow and greenery in one picture.

We found out that our Eurail pass is inclusive of free boat rides! So before leaving Interlaken, we did an impromptu ride onboard Lake Brienz Cruise. The ride is approximately 1.5 hours. The view below is captured from the boat with no edits!

Mr OOPS and I both felt this is the best way to retire.

Back in Zurich, we made a day trip to Rhine Falls, the biggest waterfall in Europe. You can either board a boat to crash against the waters or be at this platform where we are located at. 

We enjoyed just watching the beautiful swans in the lake and admiring the beautiful architecture around the city centre.

The summer experience ended with a bang when we chanced upon the swimming festival, Limmat Swim! This is an annual event whereby you can swim in the same river which run through Zurich. In this summer weather, it's super SHIOK to have a dip in these icy cold river!!!!!!!!!

That's all for the highlights of our trip to Switzerland. We had an absolutely awesome time in this wonderful country, without much worries about pickpockets.

We would like to express heartfelt thanks to Rail Europe staff in Singapore for taking the time to meet us, hearing the plans and budget we had in mind and providing us with useful recommendations and tips that helped us to complete our adventure with no hiccups.

Rail Europe is a the number 1 distributor of train tickets and rail passes in the world, selling through appointed General Sales Agents and directly on the web through local websites. In Singapore, they have an office located at Chinatown or call them at 6438 6266 if you need help in planning your trip around Europe via rail.

Note: Information are accurate as of 2017 and may be subjected to changes within the country. All photos are credited to Mr and Mrs OOPS. Follow @mrandmrsoops and @djoops on Instagram for more instant updates. Not sponsored or affiliated.

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We Heart Switzerland,
Mr and Mrs OOPS.


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