Our Personal Itinerary For Free And Easy In Seoul!

Whenever we travel free and easy, we hope to have a rough itinerary with us. At least a list of possible places to visit so we can plan our time well right?! So, here are a series of 8 day itineraries that you can do and 4 recommended accomodation when you are in Seoul!!! 

These day itineraries are presented in no chronological order. Do also check out the weather conditions before setting off!

1. A Cultural Day Out at 19th Century Korea!

Gyeong Bok Gung => SamCheong-Dong => Chang Deok Gung => Insa-Dong => CheongGyeCheon stream => Gwang hwa Mun square => Dong Dae Mun

Gyeong Bok Gung in Spring Time

Ssamziegil at Insa-Dong

Highlights of this route:

(1) Gyeong Bok Gung Palace
-Gwang Hwa Mun Gate (Gyeongbokgung station exit number 5)
-Changing of the Royal Guards at the entrance of the palace
-Gatekeeper Costume Experience (Gyeongbokgung station exit number 5)
-Tosokchon ginseng chicken soup (Gyeongbokgung station exit number 2)

(2) Walk towards Chang Deok Gung through Sam Cheong-Dong
-Walk through Bukchon Hanok village (Hanoks are traditional houses of Korea. Spot them once you exit Anguk Station exit Number 3)
-Walk north to see street art at Samcheongdong 

(3) Insa-Dong Cultural Street
-Walk around Ssamziegil (Anguk station exit number 6)
-O'sulloc Tea House (Insa-dong branch)

(4) Walk towards Cheong Gye Cheon Stream
-A 11km man made stream along downtown Seoul

(5) Walk towards Gwang Hwa Mun Square
-Spot the statues of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin and Sejong the Great

(6) Take Line 5 (Purple line) to DongDaeMun History and Culture Park Station
-Dong Dae Mun market for midnight shopping 
-Dong Dae Mun Design Plaza and Park (Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station Exit Number 1)

2. A Shop-Till-You-Drop Day at Myeongdong Zone!

Namsam Park via Namsam Cable Car => N Seoul Tower => Namsam Pork Cutlet For Lunch => Namsam Park => Myeongdong Shopping District => Watch Cooking Nanta =>  Namdaemun market => Seoul Station Lotte Mart (close at midnight)

Fortress Wall of Seoul


Highlights of this route:

(1) Namsam Park Via Namsam Cable Car
-From Myeongdong statiion exit 4, walk straight along Toegye-ro and turn left into Sogong-Ro (in the direction of Namsam hill). The Namsam Oremui Elevator will fetch you directly to the cable car station.

(2) N Seoul Tower
-Visit the Observatory for a panoromic view of Seoul
-Attach your love locks with your loved ones (locks are expensive if you buy at the tower)

(3) Namsam Pork Cutlet Rice
-A favourite amongst the locals. May have a queue, if it still remains delicious!

(4) Namsam Park
-Explore a part of Namsam Park and a good view of Seoul
-Spot the Fortress Wall of Seoul, where old meets new

(5) Myeongdong Shopping District
-Many eating places : Yoogane, Two Two Fried Chicken, various street food..
-Change your hair do at Juno Hair Salon
-Shop for your favourite Korean skincare products here!

(6) Watch Cooking NANTA
-Buy the tickets prior to the trip to avoid disappointment
-Nanta is showing at Myeongdong NANTA theatre

(7) Namdaemun Market
-Sells everything and anything at affordable prices
-The market usually starts from the evening, about 5pm onwards

(8) Grocery Shopping at Seoul Station's Lotte Mart
-All hypermarts are closed on every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month!

3. A Day Out At 20th Century Korea, Yeong Deung Po!

Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market => Youeido park => Yeong Deung Po Traditional Market =>Times Square Mall => Yeong deung po underground mall => Yeong Deung Po Food District

Youeido Park

Yeong Deung Po Food District

Highlights of this route:

(1) Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market at about 8am
-Alight at Noryangjin Station exit number 1
-Experience the wholesale fish market located on level 1
-Seafood breakfast feasting at the restaurants located on level 2
-Be prepared to experience wetness and fishy smell

(2) Youeido Park
-By Subway, Yeouinaru Station exit number 2
-Take a walk along the Hangang River
-Catch the cherry blossoms during Spring time

(3) Yeong Deung Po Traditional Market
-By Subway, from Yeouinara station toYeong Deung Po station, exit number 5, first left
-Find some food stalls in the middle of the market for a quick much or just have a walk to see the market
-Cheap shopping and not touristy!

(4) Times Square Mall
-Walk to Times Square
-Twice the size of COEX mall, Times Square Mall has anything and everything you are looking for!
-Mega E-Mart (Hypermart) is also here and prices are relatively cheaper than Lotte Mart! All hypermarts are closed on every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month!

(5) Yeong Deung Po Underground Mall
-Alight at Yeong Deung Po station exit number 5
-Shopping here caters to both male and female shoppers of all ages!
-It's better to purchase your favourite Korean skincare products here rather than Times Square because it's more tourist friendly.

(6) Yeong Deung Po Food District
-Korean food heaven at street level
-Lots of street food vendors
-Have your alcohol and food combo here : Fried Chicken + Beer, BBQ pork + Soju, Kimchi Pancake + Makgeolli

4. A Day Out at 21st Century Korea, Gangnam Style!

Seoul Forest  => Gangnam Underground Mall => Gangnam District => Sinsa-Dong Garosu-gil

Streets of Gangnam

Butterfly garden at Seoul Forest

Highlights of this route:

(1) Seoul Forest
-Go Cycling / Have a picnic according to the season and weather conditions
-Rent a bicyle from the bicycle shop located outside Exit 5 of Seoul Forest Station!
-Deer feeding ( not available during winter)
-Butterfly Garden

(2) Gangnam Underground Mall
-If you are a true-blue shopaholic, find yourselves immersed in the low to mid-priced fashion clothings and accessories. Shop from Gangnam station to Sinnonhyeon

(3) Gangnam District
-Spot multiple plastic surgery clinics along the streets of Gangnam
-You see a modern city of tall buildings and shops, restaurants and cafe. Prices are relatively expensive compared to the underground mall

(4) Sinsa-Dong Garosu-gil
-Alilght at Sinsa Station exit number 8 OR board bus 441 from Gangnam street towards Sinsa
-Immmerse yourself in multiple small shops which are uniquely designed. The street has a totally different feel as compared to Gangnam.
-Head to Line Characters Cafe and Store to get your instagram worthy macarons and ice cream. Check out our detailed post on the cafe at : LINE Friends Store & Cafe @ Garosugil, Sinsa Station 

5. A Shopping and Cafe-Hopping Day Out At HongDae!

Hapjeong Station =>  Hongik University Campus => Hongdae Free Market (Only On Saturdays from March to November) => Hongdae => Night life in HongDae

Hongdae Free Market

Live performances at Hongdae

Highlights of this route:

(1) Hapjeong Station
-YG entertainment building (Company of Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High, PSY etc) (Go only if you are a die hard fan, because it's quite a long walking distance from the station)
-Sulbing Dessert shop (beside Bau House Dog Cafe)
-Bau House Dog Cafe : only for dog lovers!

(2) Hongik University Campus
-Either walk from Hapjeong to Hongdae OR take the subway to Hongik University Station
-The university is one of the most popular university in Korea and is open for public to explore.

(3) Hongdae Free Market (Only on Saturdays from March to November!)
-A mega flea market that offers alot of unique arty farty handmade stuff

(4) Hongdae 
-Order a Tarte Tatin at Be Sweet On  Cafe!
-Order fresh fruits waffle from Beans bins Cafe (Near Daiso)
-Order fried squid from the street food vendors
-Cat's Attic Cafe : only for cats lovers!
-Hot Stone Korean BBQ ( Hongik University Station exit number 8, walk towards Eoulmadang-ro, last stall! I mark out on the map using a star!)
-Baseball and shooting games

(5) Night life in Hongdae
-Street art performances (weekends would be better)
-Visit a club or club crawl (Cocoon, M2 are the famous ones, if you're into partying)
-Sing karaoke at Luxury Su Noraebang! Do note that lyrics are in Korean and the songs have no voice over from the original singers. Chinese and English songs are mostly updated. So if you don't know how to sing korean songs, just skip Karaoke!

6. A Theme Park Day Out At Everland!

Everland at Yongin 

Flower field of Everland

Giraffe Feeding
Lost World at Everland
Click on for How To Get To Everland

Highlights of this route:

-T-Express wooden roller coaster (Try it, if you have the guts to do so!)
-Tonkatsu rice (cheap and really good! 1 pax serving is enough to serve 2 pax!)
-Safari World 
-Lost World
-Amazon Express
-Everland Bird Park (Feed the birds)
-Huge Flower 

7. An Outlet-Shopping Day Out to the South-West Outskirts!


Youtube Video by Lets Go Korea TV

Gasan-Digital Complex Station => Fashion Island Mall => Mario Mall => W Mall => Hyundai Outlet Mall

Highlights of this route:

(1) Gasan Digital Complex Station
-Shop Shop and Shop!
-Heaven ONLY for shopping addicts
-Luxury brands and higher end boutiques at cheaper prices than the city centre
-Cheaper products are located at the pop up stalls along the streets

(2) Fashion Island Mall
-Nearest to the station
-Opening Hours: 10:30 am - 9:30pm daily

(3) Mario Mall
-Mario mall has 3 outlets offering various brands. Behind outlet 3, there is a animal farm with pigs and rabbits.
-Opening Hours: 10:30am - 9:30pm daily

(4) W-Mall
-Opening Hours: 10:30am - 9:00pm daily 

(5) Hyundai Outlet Mall
-Opening Hours: 10:30am - 9:00pm daily 

8. A Hike Up To The Tallest Peak of Seoul!

Take Metro Station to Gupubal station (Subway Line 3) Exit 1 => Take bus 704 to Bukhansan Seong Fortress ( 북한산성 ) => Mount Bukhansan

Highlights of this route:

-Proper hiking attire, gears, sufficient water and food are required for this hike!
-View from the summit of the mountain overlooks Seoul city centre, Hangang river and Seoul Tower
-Insubong Peak's Giam rocks
-Bukhansan Seong fortress wall
-Maaeseokgayeorajwasang - a rock carved seated Buddha

P.S. We have not attempted this one but it had been on my bucket list! Will update once I managed to hike up this mountain!

Accommodation Suggestions :

Sejong Hotel  ($$$$)

A luxury hotel which has a very accessible location. It is near Myeong Dong station and has an airport bus that stops at the hotel.

Zaza Backpackers Hostel ($)

Walkable distance to Myeong Dong station and Namsam Tower. Friendly and conducive place with a reasonable rate for Myeong Dong region. Cheaper only when you go in groups of 4.

AirBnb by Ken and Jen ($$)

Listing at Yeong Deung Po area is very conveniently located opposite Times Square. Super friendly airbnb host who gave us very helpful tips on how to travel around Seoul. The loft room is very clean too!

AirBnb by Vince & Mills ($$)

Listing at Hong Dae area is good for big groups. Great location, near the station and alot of food areas. Be warned that you need to lug your luggage up to 2nd floor but the super friendly host will help you with it! He speaks good English too!

What is needed to get around Korea?

T-Money Card

T-Money Card 

An equivalence to Singapore's EZ-link, London's Oyster Card and Hongkond's Octopus card. Use it to take public transport around Seoul or make purchases at convenience stores. Purchase one at any convenience store.


There it is! These are some of my suggested day itineraries and (my favourite) accomodations which I have tried when I travel around Seoul! I have to say it's not super comprehensive but I will add more highlights as I travel to more places in Korea. 

I will continue to write about some possible 1D or 2D1N trips you can take to get out of Seoul in my next post! If you find it helpful, do drop a comment! Or feel free to ask us any questions! Do follow us on our facebook page or Instagram account to be kept in the loop of our future posts.

Note: Information are accurate as of 2016 and may be subjected to changes within the country. All photos are credited to Mr and Mrs OOPS. Follow @mrandmrsoops and @djoops on Instagram for more instant updates. Not sponsored or affiliated.

Sarang Hae,
Mr and Mrs OOPS!


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