A Day Trip To The Waterland (Edam->Volendam)!!

Following Make Your Next Trip To Amsterdam An Even More Unforgettable One!!! and A Day Trip To Zaanse Schans From Amsterdam!!, here's one more day trip itinerary you can consider at Amsterdam!

Itinerary Number 2: Head Out To The Waterland! (Edam -> Volendam -> Marken) 

Highlights of this route: Cheese Factory, Fisherman Village, Dikes of Amsterdam, Photo taking in Dutch traditional costume
How to get there: Head to Amsterdam Central Bus Station and purchase a Waterland Day Ticket. It allows you to do a hop on and hop off on all bus routes within these 3 towns. 
Cost per ticket: 10
Journey time: 40 - 50 minutes by bus

An overall look at where are the must-go in Edam:

Total time spent at Edam: 45 minutes
Edam is a town which is famous for its Edam cheese and their annual cheese market festival. It was basically a small quiet town when we visit. 
Settle your lunch at Johan Taam keurslager, a butcher stall! They have the best takeaway munchies and piping hot pizza bread at very affordable prices.

Love the serenity in Edam

Topsy Turvy buildings spotted in Edam.

Taking a walk along the river

The bread that is to die for! Simply delicious!!!!


An overall look at where are the must-go in Volendam:

Total time spent at Volendam: 3 hours
Volendam is a much livelier and touristy town as compared to Edam. You can see restaurants, souvenier shops, supermarkets, small malls and the sea!!!!! You can have a good view of the man-made dikes which are used to prevent the country from getting flooded.

Settle your dinner at De Haven Volendam! It is located at the end of busy streets of Volendam at Zuideinde street! This is also the place to go to if you are keen to try the famous traditional Dutch food called the "Dutch Herring Fish". It's a soused raw fish. Some eat it with onions, some with a bread.

Spot this bird along the Volendam harbour.

Highly recommend this eating place!

The fried cod fish is to die for!

By the time we are done with dinner and photo-taking, it's almost 6pm. Due to limited day time during winter, we decided to skip Marken and head back to Amsterdam city. 

But if you have the time, do continue to the Marken via the Volendam Marken Express from Volendam (9.95€ per adult). The boat ride takes about 30 minutes
Alternatively, hop onto the bus 316 and change to 315. This would take a longer time to reach Marken


One regret we had was not having enough time to visit Marken. We heard it is another beautiful picturesque town which is famous for the fishing culture, lighthouse and some bird-watching activity. That will probably be something for us to consider in our next trip to Amsterdam.

Note: We visited Amsterdam in February 2016. All photos are credited to Mr and Mrs OOPS. Follow @mrandmrsoops and @djoops on Instagram for more photo works. Not sponsored or affiliated.



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