TOP 7 Must-Eat in Feng Jia Night Market (逢甲夜市7大必吃) !!!

*Screams* I love Taiwan!

You haven't been to Taichung if you haven't visited Feng Jia Night Market! This night market is still one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan and also the budding ground for innovative and yummy street food. There were hundreds of stalls and food varieties. It did not help when almost every stall's food looked super appealing! I probably needed 88 tummies to finish tasting everything!

To help fellow readers who have limited stomach space like me, I had collated the 2016 Top 7 Must Eat in Feng Jia Night Market. Be warned... you would need to queue at every single stall! 

1)  JiaBar : The Secret Life of A Cat (甲霸的秘密生活)

What to order: Butterfly Pea Flower And Lemon Tea(蝶豆花柠檬茶)@  NT60

This bar in Fengjia night market sold alcoholic drinks and mixers. But their latest drinks would be the multi-coloured tea! Initially we were pretty skeptical about the drink because we thought it was just another coloured sugar syrup drink for gimmick purposes. Later on, we realised that the blue colour drink was actually a tea brewed from Butterfly Pea Flower and no colouring syrup was added. When the blue tea was mixed with yellow lemon tea, the chemical reactions created the beautiful purple in between. Before drinking, you would need to shake it well to get a nice purple drink. Honestly, it tasted pretty much like lemon tea except that it was not as sweet. For peeps who love instagram worthy, healthy, interesting and delicious drink, this tea is going to hit the jackpot! 

What to order: Takoyaki Balls with Wasabi(芥末章鱼小丸子)@ NT40

Once you spot the giant blue octopus, you will spot this stall!

Wasabi flavoured? Yes! Takoyaki balls with original sauce would never go wrong. But it was time to challenge our taste buds with the wasabi sauce. Besides being freshly made on the spot and had a big, juicy piece of octopus inside every ball, these balls were also value for money (6 balls for NT40, approximately SGD$1.70)! The stalls were also very generous with the fish flakes and sauces. When you chewed it down with the wasabi sauce, it was just shiooooooook! No wonder there was a long queue for these balls!

What to order: Charcoal Grilled Massage Chicken Chop (爆漿碳烤按摩雞排) @ NT65

Zoom in and you can see the juiciness of the chicken!

In this stall, the famous chicken chop was achieved by first massaging the chicken breast meat so it's nice and tender. The breast meat was fried briefly before being grilled in the oven till it is succulent on the inside and crispy on the outside. There is no coating of flour around the chicken and of course it comes with the shop's special marinate sauce. With such a healthier alternative, we no longer have to waste our calories on deep fried chicken chop.Till date, I'm still wondering, how can their chicken breast be so tender, soft and juicy to the extent it tasted almost like thigh meat?!?!? Trust me, it's SUPER GOOD AND HEALTHY!!!! 

4) Feng Jia Sweet Potato Balls (逢甲地瓜求)

What to order: Sweet Potato Balls (地瓜求) @ NT50 (Medium Size)

Simple stall with not much gimmicks

It was very common to see sweet potato balls for sale in a Taiwan night market. But to see a stall that had at least 15 people in queue at a single time (locals and tourists queuing), there must be something special about these balls. True enough, they were delicious!!!! Although deep fried, the sweet potato balls did not taste oily at all. It also had a nice chewy texture that comes with a tinge of sweet potato with every bite. For this stall, there's no fancy packaging or sign board. It's purely delicious and value for money. 

5) City Milk

What to order: Papaya Milkshake (木瓜牛乳) @NT70

Had my second cup in Xi Men Ding Taipei!

I'm not exaggerating when I say Citymilk's Papaya Milkshake was one of the best ones around in Taiwan. Although they are not the cheapest milk shakes around, they definitely make it up as value for money. It would be the perfect choice for peeps who love a rich milky taste for their milkshake. They use generous amounts of fresh fruits to blend it with milk and ice. For those who did not fancy Papaya milkshake, you can opt for a Watermelon Milkshake, which is a more refreshing option. I went for less ice and less sweet. As they used fresh fruits for their drinks, their menu may sometimes change accordingly to availability of seasonal fruits. One good news to share: They have multiple branches in Taipei and Taichung area. So you can get your milk fix even when you are in Taipei!

6) Ming Lun Egg Pancake (明倫蛋餅)

What to order: Egg Pancake with their Special Sweet Chilli Sauce! (独门甜辣酱的蛋餅) @ NT40

You would never miss this stall because there was always a crowd. Upon reaching the stall, just grab a queue number card from the counter. The ingredients are simple: flour paste, fresh scallions and an egg! They also advocate for less oil, less salt, good scallions and good egg! Haha, it is still unbelievable how something so simple could be so tasty with every bite! It's crispy on the outside and, soft and chewy on the inside. The sweet chilli sauce has helped to enhance the taste. I will probably stop eating egg roti prata from now on!!

For peeps who are curious about the history of Ming Lun Egg Pancake, this video showcases an interview with the "founder" of Ming Lun Egg Pancake.  P.S. the video is in Hokkien with Chinese subtitles. 

In summary, an elderly uncle has been selling egg pancakes at a stall outside Ming Lun High School for more than 30 years. Because his pancakes were so delicious, he had a strong fan base!! This pancake is a true local delight.

7) Guan Zhi Lin Big Sausage Wrap Small Sausage ( 官芝霖大肠包小肠)

What to order: Original Flavor Big Sausage Wrap Small Sausage (原味大肠包小肠)@ NT45 

Remember this store front!
This dish is a truly authentic local snack for the Taiwanese (that comes with this quirky name). Imagine a sausage and a bunch of glutinous rice which was shaped like a bun. After grilling the sausage to perfection, the sausage is slotted in between the rice and served together with the sauces. The end product looks almost like a hot dog bun, except that the "bun" is actually glutinous rice! Original flavor was basically peanut powder with some eggs, salted vegetable and cucumbers. If you were not a fan of peanuts, you can also opt for the garlic flavor or spicy flavor accordingly. Don't belittle this item. It looked small but it was EXTREMELY filling.

Why specifically this stall? Because it's delicious (tested and proven) and seems to be a hit even with the locals! For peeps who intend to try this,  remember to eat it while it's piping hot! 


Besides yummy street food, there were alot of shopping that can be done at the stalls in Feng Jia Night Market. Shoes, clothes, souveniers .... you name it and they got it! Thankfully, the night market could be opened up till 3am (although most of the crowd dispersed by 11.30pm). So, as long as you had the energy to shop and eat, the stalls will be right there waiting for you!


Do let us know if you find this post helpful in your trip to Taichung, Taiwan! 

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