Photo-taking With Korean Traditional Wedding Costume (With Tea Guesthouse in Seoul)

This post is for like-minded couples who are going for a holiday to Seoul and looking for a place to take photos in Korea's traditional wedding costume!!!

Where did we have our photos taken?

I chanced upon this guesthouse when I was visiting Bukchon Hanok Village in December 2014. Since then, I've always thought about coming here to take some wedding photos with Mr OOPS. Our opportunity came in April 2015 when we holidayed in Seoul!

The friendly guesthouse owner helped us to put on costumes and accessories accordingly, exclusive of make up. You can opt to engage their make up or photography services accordingly but we chose to skip it.

We are also pretty lucky that besides the 2 of us, there were no other tourists around so we basically have the entire room in the hanok for our mini photoshoot session. We were given 15-20 minutes free time. No one really "chased us out" or give us any reminders to leave. We just continued to snap photos and by the time we decided to change out of our clothes voluntarily, we realised we spend an hour inside. Haha! Oops.

So then here we go!

"THE" pose for a korea wedding.

A fun shot.

And one more on the side profile =)

Where is this place?

This guest house is located inside Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul.
Directions: Take the subway to Anguk Station (Orange Line)
Go to Exit 3, walk straight for about 20m and turn left before Hyundai building
Walk straight for about 600m and you will see Tea GuestHouse on your left.
Photo grabbed from Tea Guesthouse Website

This is the entrance to the guest house, a traditional Korean house.

How much is it?

Price to rent the wedding costume was at an affordable rate of 20,000 won (approximately $24 sgd) per pax. 
An upclose of the costing on the door.
English site of Tea Guesthouse:

That's a cool idea! But anything else we can do at Bukchon Hanok Village besides wearing hanbok?

There are many other cool things you can do at the traditional village! There are many many cafes, handicraft shops and hanoks along the streets. Good for some photo taking. We stopped by at a random cafe to have some hallabong ice!!! 

Hallabong is a really sweet mandarin orange which is primarily grown at Jeju. I love the milk ice cream stick that goes along with this dessert!

We also went into the Bukchon Cultural Center, which happens to be having a rice wine (makgeolli) tasting festival. We get to understand more about the Korean culture in a very experiential way.  

Cute wine covers.

Tasting the wine.

Each vat contains a different type of rice wine of different flavor.
Free tasting!!! Lol!

I shall end this post with a very lovely handicraft we spotted along the streets of Bukchon.

Happy holidays,
Mrs To-Be OOPS


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