The Crate & Barrel Wedding Party Event On 20/6/15

We signed ourself up for Crate and Barrel's first wedding party in their flagship store at Ion. It proved to be an awesome Saturday morning with the fiance.

What's so different about this Wedding Party Event?

Unlike the usual showcases by hotels or bridal studios, this event is organized by Crate and Barrel, a home decoration and furniture megastore! You wont be seeing the usual things like banquet table set ups, multiple tables set up at a big hall, just hoping you and your partner will sit down and sign a package with them. It's relaxing, fun filled, some yummy snacks and great hospitality. It was an added bonus that the venue, which is located at Crate and Barrel itself, was a natural setting for wedding decorations.

The map of the event and what we can expect. All in a brochure.
Upon our arrival, after the registeration, we were greeted with big smiles, a goodie bag and a map of the event space. We thought that was a nice and thoughtful gesture because sometimes we do get overwhelmed and lost when there are too many vendors at one single space.

What vendors can we expect?

There were a total of 17 different vendors which meet various wedding needs at different stages. There were vendors doing wedding bands (the singing ones), the wedding bands (the rings), cakes, canapes, suits, gowns, wedding planning services, tea, selfie booth, flowers, calligraphy and even wedding venue. Most importantly, they are not the usual kinds of vendors we often see around. So everything is new to us. Impressive indeed.

Which vendors caught our attention?

I'm always attracted to beautiful floral set up, especially those crafted by fresh flowers. So it was not surprising that Poppy Floral Studio was one of the few vendors which I stopped to enquire further. The set up felt really rustic!

Floral set up by Poppy Flora Studio

Some samples of boutonniere, fitting to the theme.

Close up of table set up, using fresh florals.

The event place, not too crowded and filled with beautiful furniture.

It was interesting to spot Merrylove Weddings because I just learnt about them a few weeks back through Instagram. It will be a good idea to follow them on Instagram as they offer lots of ideas and inspirations on wedding themes and decorations. They will definitely love to be engaged too. Haha.

Decors by Merrylove Weddings
What MerryLove set up for the event.

CraftVaries was one of my favourite vendor! They were providing free calligraphy art for all the guests at the event. Handwritten with love!!! We can actually engage their handwriting services for like posters, cards, banners or decorations. Their handwriting looks so much better than a computerised calligraphy font.

Free calligraphy writing by CraftVaries.
The artist at work.

Our names. Thank you CraftVaries =)

Wedrock Weddings is a boutique wedding planning company based in Singapore. I actually like the way they personalise the table set ups for every guest. However, upon further discussion with them, I think their services would be more appropriate for couples who are having their wedding or solemnization at unique venues or restaurants which provide very minimum wedding set up. For my case, the hotel is already providing the floral and table set up so I don't find it very neccessary.

Host was going around, allowing some advertisement time
for each vendor.
I was attracted to this set up by Wedrock Weddings.
Such vibrant colours.

I just have to mention Personal Chef Singapore because they won my tastebuds over with their very yummy canapes. For couples who place a lot of priority on good food during your wedding, this is definitely your choice.

Spot Personal Chef Singapore

A sample of their table layout and menu

The booth at Minibug was offering an attractive lucky draw! 2 lucky couples managed to get themselves free rental of vintage cars for their big day. =) For those of us who did not get to win it, we got some fun with the automated selfie booth, also offered by the same company. My personal take on the printouts from the selfie booth: printing quality could be sharper. Heh.

Minibug booth.

Having their go at the booth.

Range of props which we can use for photo taking at the booth.

I didn't really have much impressions of Cleo Chang Make Up services until I saw the MUA doing a real demo for one of the ladies at the event. The MUA made use of airbrush technology to complete the base for the lady. The differences I could observe of the lady before and after the make up? Her skin tone and texture became more even and her face had this natural matt feel.

Model with completed make up.

Tea tasting session was going on at the booth by Gryphon Tea Company.

Over at Palate Sensations, there was some cookie decorating sessions for us to unleash our creativity. The side track of all the decorations was... the cookies tasted so lovely *omg*. We managed to get a packet of their cookies home. Palate sensations is actually a cooking school. Isn't it interesting? Who will expect to see a cooking school at a wedding showcase? But because of that, it left a deep impression in me! LOL!

Cookie decoration

Couple decorating their cookies.

In our remaining time, we went around shopping at Crate and Barrel itself. Boy, I'm so attracted by their kitchen ware and baking pans. Can't wait to have our own house so I can start buying my own kitchen stuff!

A recap of all the other vendors for couples who are interested:
The wedding vendors who participated in this event.

So you mentioned about goodie bag. What's inside that goodie bag?

Usually goodie bags from wedding shows are loaded with many many brochures and maybe some candies and vouchers we find difficult to use. I'm amazed by the contents inside the goodie bag. Quality glasses, a wine holder that has "Congrats" stitched on it and the wooden spoon are something different, unique and useful. I'm impressed.
The awesome goodies inside the goodie bag.

Thank you for the vouchers! I appreciate
the one that gives us 20 percent off for purchases
at Crate and Barrel stores =P
Just want to end off saying that although I was contemplating over sleeping late or waking up early to go to the event, I'm glad we chose the latter. This event proved to be a really interesting and fruitful one. I have all these photos thanks to my talented Mr OOPS. =)
 For those who have missed it, do keep a lookout for any future wedding shows by Crate and Barrel.

The flagship Crate & Barrel store is located at Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 04-21/22, 03-25, Singapore 238801.

Mrs To-Be OOPS


  1. I found your this post while searching for information about blog-related research ... It's a good post .. keep posting and updating information.

  2. Hey dear Crate and Barrel had organized this event amazingly. I am an event coordinator, and recently I had planned an event at Chicago event venues. I had hired best decorators, and caterers. Everyone enjoyed yummy snacks there. I must say if a planning done carefully then it can be done in within less budget.


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