Review: Our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot ( With Feline Wedding ) !

We have been looking foward to the day of our photoshoot and that day finally came!!!! *Happy* This post is going to be filled with photos of me in my different gowns and hairdo and my first hand experience with Feline bridal on my pre-wedding shoot day.

Photographer: Gary
-We chose Gary after looking through all the photographer's portfolios. I can't be 100% sure if it's a wise choice when it comes to photo quality as I have not seen the photos yet. We will be seeing it in May, after our holiday in Korea.
-However, I would like to share our experience with Gary. The entire day of shooting with him was made pleasant, thanks to him. Studio photos, being all that rigid and pose-y, is kind of more directive and pretty standard in general. We felt that he did take into account our feedback and preferences and accede to our requests but yet not discounting on his professionalism.
-He is so experienced that he could offer us suggestions on where we could go for our photoshoot. Basically we must have just one place, which is NUS, the school whereby we know each other. Afterwhich, we just wanted a place with "sunset" and "suitable for night shots". We ended up in Sentosa and Gardens By The Bay. Gary led us through different photo points at all the 3 venues. It makes our outdoor shot quite a breeze.

Make Up Artiste: Mia
-My assigned MUA is actually Lily. However, on 29th March 2015, I received a call from the studio stating that Lily had a miscarriage and is currently resting at home. Thus my MUA is changed to Mia instead. Another BTB mentioned that on 21st March 2015, she was informed that Lily has quit as she was pregnant.
-Our experience with Mia on the day of our photoshoot has been great. She was amazingly fast with the make up and hair styling.
-For HTBs reading this, be ready to put on make up too!
-I have an issue whereby my right eye is smaller than my left eye. Mia helped me to resolve this issue, very much to my satisfaction! Note the before (me in my usual) and after (me in bridal make up)! Look at how my eyes are balanced up after the make up!
P.S. the only photo edit I use was on my "after" pic to lighten and smoothen out the skin tone as I took that picture with poor lighting.

-All necklaces, earrings and hair accessories seen in the photos were provided and matched for me by Mia.
-Mia's speed for hairstyling is really speedy and organised in some ways. I had a total of 4 hairdos.
1) First hairdo was done to match my pink evening gown. It started with simple curls at the ends of my hair.
2) Second hairdo was with my yellow evening gown.
Using just my shoulder length hair, I got a nice puffy bun behind me.
3) Third hairdo was to match my wedding gown for the indoor shot. I chose a mermaid gown with mesh on top! This time round I had hair extensions and a fishtail braid behind me. Didn't managed to have a photo of the back of my hair though. =(
4) Fourth hairdo was done for my other wedding gown and blue evening gown for outdoor shoot. My hair extensions are still attached to my hair. Miya just tucked all my hair inside to ensure that the hairstyle will not be messy. I tried jumping around with this hairdo and wow, it remained intact.

I chose a wedding gown which is off-shoulder, hoping it can hide my flabby arms. I think it end up looking good!
This blue one is my most favourite one! It was also the first gown which I confirmed during the gown selection. Once I wore it, I immediately tell Lily I want it for photoshoot!

The only horror of it all was the washing of my hair at the end of the day. It was filled with hair spray and those black pins. One good tip from the bridal studio was to smoother lots of conditioner before I shampoo my hair.

All Other Matters:
-Thankfully I didn't meet up with any horror experiences such as asking me to pay for ampoule or fake eyelashes or any additional charges. They did give us what they wrote in our receipt. Phew.
-Time wise, we started our day at about 10.30am at Feline's Bridal new studio, which is located at Delta House. We left the studio at about 5.30pm for the outdoor shoot (3 locations) and ended the day at about 8 plus at River Valley branch. We understand that the River Valley outlet will soon shift over to Delta House eventually.
-The suits and gowns were all nicely ironed and hung at the fitting room when we reached the studio. Miya also helped me with the wearing of gowns. There are also ironing facilities and pins and needles available at the fitting room in case the MUA need to do any last minute stitching or ironing for us.
-We paid for our own parking fees, which is a grand total of $3.20. Not so bad!

Overall photoshoot experience with Feline Bridal: Awesome!
-During the entire process of photo taking, we are hearing instructions such as "nose to nose", "wife, hands on the waist", "husband, hands inside your pocket", "hold hands", "kiss on the hands", "look down at your shoulder", "look far", "smile, show your teeth"... and the list continues. Posing for such photos is really not something that we are used to. It feels odd, really not our style.
-Going to the photoshoot with an open mind and just enjoying the process helps us in completing it on a happy note!

All in all, it's a great experience together with Mr OOPS. It is super tiring. HOWEVER, we enjoyed the process altogether. *dances* We are just like the 2 of them below. =D

I will share more about some tips and experiences which I learnt after my pre-wedding photoshoot in my next post!

Update on 18/12/15 : Check out my latest post My Wedding Day Gowns, Hair and Make Up by Feline Wedding's Mia for my AD experience with Feline Wedding

Meanwhile, Happy Planning!
Mrs To-Be OOPS


  1. Hi, thanks for this blog entry and your blog. It has been informative and an eye opener as well for me and my gf.

    We have signed with Feline over the weekend and heard so many reviews on the internet. Some good, some bad and some really very bad.

    How do you find their services so far?

    1. Hi hi! I'm glad you found it useful! When my fiancé and I chose feline bridal, we are also very skeptical about the whole selection due to the mixed reviews on bridal forums.... And all mostly negative. However we decided to just go ahead and try it. So far, thankfully, there have been no hiccups with the studio. We will continue to post our experiences and hopefully help other couples who are in this whole tussle of wedding preparations. Do continue to keep a lookout!

  2. hi thanks for sharing your experience! we just signed up with Feline Bridal too. so their bridal has merged tgt as 1 at Delta House? do you think the selection of gowns are big and good?

    1. Hi, I have not went to their new bridal studio yet. My next appointment with them will be in July. But from my previous experience with them, I would say they do have quite a decent range of gowns which we can choose from. But if do have any specific type of gown in mind, you might want to double check with the bridal studio. I'm not too sure. :)

  3. Hi, chanced upon your blog. I knew lily previously, so was surprised to read that she got a miscarriage?! Then pregnant?! What exactly happened!

    1. Hi. Yea. I am also confused. But the latest clarification from the bridal studio I had was she is pregnant and has quit to focus on the pregnancy. When I question about the news of miscarriage, they say it was a mistake. She was only hospitalized but the baby is okay. Lol, confusing but that's what I know.

  4. Hi Jessie,
    Thanks for ur informative blog post! Do you happen to know which AD photographer is good at Feline?

    1. Heys, I'm not sure because I did not take up AD photography with them. I engaged Haige from H&V photography instead ^^.


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