Making Heart Cookies For Mr OOPS.

This is such a belated post. But I'm still going to post it!

I love Valentines Day! It just has this dreamy and lovey dovey connotation in it that attracts me! I feel that it is really one special day whereby all the people around me, especially my loved ones, should feel loved and appreciated. Therefore, I like the idea of preparing something special for them!

So for this year, I was cracking my brains to get something for Mr Oops. As we are now on the track of saving money for our wedding, buying expensive stuff is out for me. This is also the time when I came across this video on youtube on making rainbow heart cookies. This video from Eugenie Kitchen is going viral!!!!

And that's when the baker instinct in me arises. I'm so going to make these cookies for Mr Oops! But I started to worry if I am able to make the rainbow layers so evenly. So I decided to make a little twerk to my heart cookies.

This is what I get in the end!

Chopping out the lovely red hearts in the centre.
Slicing them into small pieces.
Getting them ready to be put into the oven!
My baked cookies... all ready to be given to Mr OOPS.
The whole baking process took me 2 evenings, a total of about 8 hours, including waiting time for the cookie dough to be placed in the freezer. It wasn't an easy attempt but I'm glad Mr OOPS love it. I still remember the smile on his face when he opened the cookie box! =)

A gentle reminder to all BTB out there, we should always remember to show little appreciation to our dearest HTB on special occasions and not take each other's love for granted.

Meanwhile, I'll be heading off to Korea for a holiday! Will update more when I'm back~

Mrs To-Be OOPS


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