6 Tips To Prepare Yourself For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot!

I've been off to a super fun and exciting pre-wedding moon to Korea and now it's back to wedding preparations in Singapore! After going through so many rounds of photoshoot experience, I kind of understand how they works! Time to put it out into layman terms!

So here you go, my top 6 tips to prepare yourself for any Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.

1) Understanding how bridal studio photography works
-This tip is specially for couples who are doing the pre-wedding shoot with their bridal studio.
-We noticed that for every single setting or background, the photographerwill take a series of photographs, which eventually will come up to be like a continuous set of photos. Sort of like a storyline for both of you. This style of photo taking will fall in place with their marketing strategy to sell off the photographs in bulk subsequently during selection of photos. (Nothing bad about this, because all bridal studios use this marketing strategy)
-I have put out the way bridal studio photography works into graphic illustrations so that it's easier for understanding rather than just words. My "model" will be Cinderella! *all photos copyrighted to Disney!*
  • For my shoot, there are a total of 5 gowns for the lady and 3 suits for the man. ( picture has 6 because I am simply too lazy to crop one out! :p)
  • A rough estimate of photos which he got us to pose for is about 12 photos per studiobackdrop. (The number of photos will increase for outdoor location shoots as there may be a few photo spots per outdoor shoot)
  • Each time we changed into a new gown and suit, we will go to about 5 backdrops.
  • If you add all these permutations together, that would mean a total minimum number of 5 x 12 x 5 300 photos that would be ready for selection at the end of the whole day.
  • And our package with Feline Bridal only allows us to select 30 pieces........ (hope you get what I mean?) Haha!
  • So, while enjoying the shoot, also tell yourself, you don't need to really have every single piece!
2) Have a heavy breakfast before you go for the photoshoot!!! (or bring some bites along)
  • I don't know about you. But for me, I avoided a very heavy breakfast (even had thoughts of skipping meals). My idea is that if I eat too much, I will have a bump at my tummy and I will look fat. However that's just so wrong! Because once you put on the full make up and start the shoot, you can foresee that you won't have anytime in between to snack or eat at all. My stomach was growling so badly by 11am till lunch time. That same growling came back at about 7pm but I could only have my dinner at 9plus pm. 
  • If you are doing location shoot, you may not have the time to stopover to buy and eat food. It may also spoil your make up if you eat food that is too oily in the middle of the shoot. 
3) Prepare your backpack beforehand with the must-bring items.
-I'm truly blessed to have my friend, Yisan to be around me on the day of the photoshoot. Unlike me, she went fully prepared for my photoshoot. If not, I probably would have spent more money to just purchase what I need. And now to pass on the experience to benefit other btbs, here's a list of must-bring-along if you do not want to incur any additional costs along the way.
  • Plasters (this is a real life saver at times whereby my feet have upcoming blisters from wearing heels for long hours)
  • Wet wipes and tissues! Loads of them~!
  • Some hair ties would be good if you have long hair
  • Water! Loads of them. They are really helpful. I don't think its very neccessary to bring straws but that will do as well.
  • Your own props and accessories (chalkboards, chalks, wedding bands, proposal rings, meaningful items, balloons, fresh flower bouquets or interesting props that matches your themes)
  • Extra pair of slippers for the lady so that it's comfortable to walk around in.
  • Wedding heels for the lady and formal shoes for the man.
  • Black pants and belts for the men.
4) Go well prepared!!!
The checklist on things I do before the photoshoot to keep myself prim and proper for the shoot:
  • Drink a small bottle of bird's nest daily one week before the shoot!
  • Go for a facial 1 week before the photoshoot day. Go to the beauty salon which you have gone previously so you can reduce the risks of allergy reactions.
  • Drink lots of water during the week but avoid drinking lots of water on the night before the photoshoot so your face won't be bloated the next morning
  • Apply a thick layer of vaseline or lip balm before going to bed to keep your lips moisturized.
  • Have an early rest the night before.
  • Wash your hair one night before but avoid putting hair conditioner or any hair products. (Your hair has to be as rough as possible to make it easy for styling)
  • Wear button shirt when you go for the photoshoot so that you won't spoil your make up when changing to gowns.
  • Do your bridal manicure and pedicure. (I didn't do this one though as I felt that was not neccessary).
  • Wear contact lenses instead of spectacles so to reduce reflection on the screen. If not, bring along spectacles without the lenses. I opted for the coloured lenses so my pupils look more defined.
5) Choose locations that does not incur high parking fees and has convenient parking nearby.
-This is important as we have to pay for our own parking fees or any admission fees if neccessary! So choose your photoshoot spots wisely to incur lesser costs! =)

6) Select a later date for photo selection. 
-Human being human. After a long day of photoshoot, we will be very excited and would love to see the photos as soon as possible. We may not even hesitate at all when it comes to purchasing photos because it will be all worth it. That was exactly how Mr OOPS and I were feeling. Right after the shoot, we were telling each other, "Wow, this is so tough work for everyone! We should just buy them for memory sake!"
-The staff at the bridal studio obviously understands how human mentality works. They offered us an appointment date just 1.5 weeks away for photo selection. Thankfully, due to our holiday in Korea, we could only do the selection in May.
-So, after almost 1 month now, that excitement has slowly subsided. I think it helps us to be more rational about our expenses again. In fact, I don't feel that need to purchase any piece. 30 good ones would be more than enough for this shoot.

That's about it!!

Mrs To-Be OOPS


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  2. Thanks for sharing these excellent tips for pre wedding shoot. I am so glad to read it. We just got engaged and was looking for an event space NYC for pre wedding shoot as well as wedding. Your tips will be very helpful to me.


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